Maximum Permissible ON DUTY for Higher Secondary Exam, 2023

Vidyasagar Bhavan
9/2, Block DJ, Sector – II, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 91

No: L/SECY/021/2023 Date: 13/02/2023


Attention: All Heads/ T.I.Cs of all Higher Secondary Institutions

West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education is pleased to announce the number of maximum permissible days for which “ON DUTY” may be allowed to the teachers for performing H.S. Examination 2023 related works. All Heads of the Institutions are requested to grant special “On Duty” for compensatory leave against holidays, if any. In this connection, all Heads of H.S. Institutions, Head Examiners, Examiners, Scrutineers, DAC Members (Teachers) and Council Nominee are requested to note the following break up of “ON DUTY”.

1. Head Examiner (Theory): 20 days

a) Meeting with WBCHSE …. 01 Day.
b) Receiving of written answer script …. 01 Day.
c) Meeting with examiners and distribution of answer script among examiners … 01 Day.
d) Receiving of answer script from examiners … 02 days (for 02 instalments).
e) Scrutiny work …. 06 days (for 02 instalments).
f) Preparation for Despatch of marks foils …. 02 days (for 02 instalments).
g) Submission of marks to the H.S. Council …. 02 days (for 02 instalments).
h) Lifting of answer scripts from the residence of HEs …. 01 day.
i) P.P.S./ P.P.R. work …. 04 days, if allotted.

2. Examiner (Theory): 06 days

a) Examiner meeting and receiving of answer scripts from HE …. 01 day
b) Submission of answer script …. 02 days (for 02 instalments).
c) P.P.S./ P.P.R. work …. 03 days, if allotted.

3. Scrutineer (Theory): 06 days

a) Scrutiny of Theory Papers …. 06 days (for 02 instalments).

4. Teacher-Member of DAC: 14 days

a) All Examination Dates.
b) Meeting with WBCHSE …. 01 day
c) Meeting with Dist. Administration …. 02 days.

5. Council Nominee: 11 days

All Examination Dates.

  • In case the Head Examiner/ Examiner/ Scrutineer is involved in any H.S. Examination 2023 related works on any National or State holiday or on Sunday, they may be allowed special on duty against that date.
  • On duty of Examiner & Scrutineer will be given by the concerned Head Examiner. On duty of Head Examiner will be given by the concerned Deputy Secretary/ Assistant Secretary of Regional Office of Council and on duty Teacher-Member of DAC & Council Nominee will be issued by the concerned DI (SE)/ADI(SE).

W.B. Council of H.S. Education

No. L-SECY-021 dated 13.02.2023, Source

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