Reservation in Direct Recruitment – Model 100 Point Roster

Government of West Bengal
Labour Department
Writers’ Buildings, Kolkata-1

No. 50-Emp/1M-25/98 Dated, Kolkata, the 1st March, 2011.


In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 14, read with Sub-section (b) of Section 3 and Section 13 of the West Bengal Regulation of Recruitment in State Government Establishments and Establishments of Public Undertakings, Statutory Bodies, Government Companies and Local Authorities Act, 1999 (West Bengal Act XIV of 1999) and with due regard to the 100-Point Roster introduced by the Backward Classes Welfare Department, vide Notification No. 6320-BCW/MR-84/10 dated 24-09-2010 in compliance with the provision of the West Bengal Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes (Reservation of Vacancies in Services and Posts) Act, 1976 (West Bengal Act XXVII of 1976) and West Bengal Commission for Backward Classes Act, 1993 (West Bengal Act I of 1993), the Governor is pleased to prescribe following Model 100-Point Roster showing therein the points reserved for the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes – Category-A and Category-B, Persons With Disabilities, Ex-servicemen and the Exempted Categories for the guidance of the appointing authorities:-

MODEL 100-Point Roster of Vacancies

1st VacancyScheduled Caste
2nd VacancyUnreserved
3rd VacancyUnreserved (E.C.)
4th VacancyScheduled Tribe.
5th VacancyUnreserved (Ex-Serviceman in Group-D Post)
6th VacancyOBC Category-A
7th VacancyScheduled Caste (E.C.)
8th VacancyUnreserved
9th VacancyOBC Category-B
10th VacancyUnreserved (E.C.)
11th VacancyScheduled Caste (Ex-Serviceman in Group-C Post)
12th VacancyUnreserved (Persons With Disabilities)
13th VacancyOBC Category-A (E.C.)
14th VacancyUnreserved
15th VacancyScheduled Caste
16th VacancyUnreserved (E.C.)
17th VacancyUnreserved (Ex-Serviceman in Group-D Post)
18th VacancyScheduled Caste
19th VacancyOBC Category-B (E.C.)
20th VacancyUnreserved (E.C.)
21st VacancyScheduled Caste (Ex-Serviceman in Group-D Post)
22nd VacancyUnreserved (Ex-Serviceman in Group-C Post)
23rd VacancyUnreserved
24th VacancyScheduled Tribe
25th VacancyUnreserved
26th VacancyOBC Category-A
27th VacancyUnreserved (E.C.)
28th VacancyScheduled Caste (E.C.)
29th VacancyOBC Category-B
30th VacancyUnreserved
31st VacancyUnreserved (Ex-Serviceman in Group-D Post)
32nd VacancyScheduled Caste
33rd VacancyUnreserved (Meritorious Sports person)
34th VacancyUnreserved (E.C.)
35th VacancyUnreserved
36th VacancyScheduled Caste
37th VacancyUnreserved
38th VacancyOBC Category-A
39th VacancyUnreserved (E.C.)
40th VacancyScheduled Caste
41st VacancyUnreserved
42nd VacancyUnreserved (Persons With Disabilities)
43rd VacancyScheduled Tribe (E.C.)
44th VacancyUnreseived
45th VacancyOBC Category-A(E.C.)
46th VacancyUnreserved
47th VacancyScheduled Caste (E.C.)
48th VacancyUnreserved
49th VacancyOBC Category-B (Ex-Serviceman in Group-D Post)
50th VacancyUnreserved (E.C.)
51st VacancyScheduled Caste
52nd VacancyOBC Category-A
53rd VacancyUnreserved (E.C.)
54th VacancyScheduled Tribe (Ex-Serviceman in Group-D Post)
55th VacancyUnreserved
56th VacancyUnreserved
57th VacancyScheduled Caste (E.C.)
58th VacancyUnreserved (Ex-Serviceman in Group-C Post)
59th VacancyOBC Category-B
60th VacancyUnreserved (E.C.)
61st VacancyScheduled Caste
62nd VacancyUnreserved
63rd VacancyOBC Category-A (Ex-Serviceman in Group-D Post)
64th VacancyUnreserved (E.C.)
65th VacancyScheduled Caste
66th VacancyUnreserved (Meritorious Sportsperson)
67th VacancyUnreserved (E.C.)
68th VacancyScheduled Caste
69th VacancyOBC Category-B (E.C.)
70th VacancyUnreserved
71st VacancyScheduled Caste (Ex-Serviceman in Group-D Post)
72nd VacancyUnreserved (Persons With Disabilities)
73rd VacancyUnreserved (E.C.)
74th VacancyScheduled Tribe
75th VacancyUnreserved (Ex-Serviceman in Group-C Post)
76th VacancyOBC Category-A(E.C.)
77th VacancyUnreserved
78th VacancyScheduled Caste (E.C.)
79th VacancyUnreserved
80th VacancyUnreserved
81st VacancyUnreserved (Ex-Serviceman in Group-C Post)
82nd VacancyScheduled Caste
83rd VacancyUnreserved (Ex-Serviceman in Group-D Post)
84th VacancyOBC Category-A
85th VacancyUnreserved (E.C.)
86th VacancyScheduled Caste (E.C.)
87th VacancyUnreserved (E.C.)
88th VacancyUnreserved
89th VacancyOBC Category-B
90th VacancyScheduled Caste
91st VacancyUnreserved
92nd VacancyUnreserved
93rd VacancyScheduled Tribe (E.C.)
94th VacancyUnreserved (Ex-Serviceman in Group-D Post)
95th VacancyUnreserved
96th VacancyUnreserved
97th VacancyScheduled Caste (E.C.)
98th VacancyUnreserved
99th VacancyOBC Category-A
100th VacancyUnreserved (E.C.)

(E.C. means Exempted Categories)

2. The Governor is also pleased to direct that the reservation for Persons With Disabilities, as provided under the Persons With Disabilities (Equal opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995 shall be implemented as follows

Each of the 3 (three) Points (12th, 42nd and 72nd) of the 100-Point Roster, reserved for the Persons With Disabilities shall be filled up by persons suffering from (i) Blindness or Low vision, (ii) Hearing impairment and (iii) Loco-motor disability or Cerebral Palsy – respectively in order to ensure 1% (one percent) reservation for each of the three categories of Persons With Disabilities.

3. The Governor is further pleased to direct that (a) vacancies in Group ‘C’ Post at 11th, 22nd, 58th, 75th and 81st points and (b) vacancies in Group-D Post at 5th, 17th, 21st, 31st, 49th, 54th, 63rd, 71st, 83rd, and 94th points of the above 100-Point Roster in State Services and Posts, Group-C and Group-D including those filled up through the P.S.C., West Bengal shall be filled up ex-serviceman subject to the provisions of Rule-4 of the ‘Ex-Servicemen (Reservation of vacancies in State Services and Posts, Group-C and Group-D) Rules, 1982’ as published vide Finance Department Notification No. 6249-F dated 15-06-1982.

4. The Governor is further pleased to direct that the vacancies in Group ‘B’, ‘C and ‘D’ posts, at 33rd and 66th points of the above 100 point Roster shall be filled up from the meritorious sports persons according to the provisions of this Department Notification Number 49-EMP/1M-25/98 dated 1st March, 2011.

5. In terms of the B.C.W., Department’s Notification No. 6309-BCW/MR-84/10 dated 24-09-2010, the Backward Classes, for the purpose of the ‘West Bengal Commission for Backward Classes Act, 1993’ (West Bengal Act 1 of 1993) stand divided into two categories, viz. Category-A (consisting of 56 communities) and Category-B (consisting of 52 communities).

6. All appointing authorities should obtain names from Exempted Category Cell under the Directorate of Employment, West Bengal, to fill up the vacancies meant for Exempted Category Candidates in the above roster except the cases of Employment on compassionate ground, viz. death-in-harness and premature retirement due to permanent incapacitation.

7. The relevant Notifications issued by the Finance Department relaxing upper age limits for SC, ST, Other Backward Classes Category-A and Category-B, Persons With Disabilities, Ex-Servicemen and Exempted Category Candidates may be kept in view while taking steps for filling up vacancies meant for the respective categories.

8. As no curtailment of existing percentage of reservation for SC, ST and OBC-Category-A and Category-B can be made, the reserved points for SC (E.C.), ST (E.G.), OBC Category-A (E.C.) and OBC Category-B (B.C..) shall be filled up by the Exempted Category Candidates belonging to SC, ST and OBC Category-A/ Category-B only. In case of non-availability of a suitable Exempted Category Candidate belonging to SC, ST or OBC Category-A and Category-B for any of such reserved point, the said vacancy shall be filled up by a non-Exempted Category Candidate belonging to SC, ST or OBC Category-A and Category-B as the case may be.

9. a) This order issues in partial modification of this Department Notification No. 240-Emp dated 02-08-2001 to the extent it is considered necessary for implementation of the 10% and 7% reservation quota for Backward Classes under Category-A and Category-B as laid down in BCW Department Order No. 6320-BCW/MR-84/10 dated 24-09-2010 and also for streamlining the process of 5% and 10% reservation of vacancies in Group-C and Group-D Post respectively in State Services and Posts, Group-C and Group-D as laid down in the ‘Ex-Servicemen (Reservation of vacancies in the State Services and Posts, Group-C and Group-D) Rules 1982’.

b) All appropriate authorities of the Government, including Home Department, B.C.W, Department, Finance Department, Department of Sports and P.S.C., West Bengal have been consulted on respective issues concerning them.

By Order of the Governor

Sd/- Samar Ghosh
Chief Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 50-Emp dated 01.03.2011

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