Labour Department is dedicated to the cause of the toiling masses, and for providing them better standard of living through various laws and schemes implemented by different wings under its control.

Provision of Compasionate Appointment for Married Daughter


The Governor is pleased to bring about the following changes in the existing guidelines to dispose of the cases in a just and equitable manner:

Minimum Wages for Employees in Meat and Meat Products and Feed Plants

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Governor is pleased to revise the minimum rates of wages payable to the employees employed in respect of the employment in ‘Employment in meat and meat Products and feed Plants’, in the State of West Bengal.

Grant of Puja/ Eid Ex-Gratia Relief to all Workers under FAWLOI Scheme for 2022

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Governor is pleased to grant a one time Puja/ Eid ex-gratia relief of a sum of Rs. 1500/- per head to all workers for the year 2022 who are covered under the scheme for ‘Financial Assistance to the Workers in Locked-out Industrial Units’ (FAWLOI) including those of the closed tea gardens.

Payment of Bonus should be completed by 23.09.2022


All payments of bonus should be completed by 23.09.2022 and in respect of Muslim employees/ workers before Id-Ul-Fitre of 2022.

Modified Checklist to deal with Prayers for Compassionate Appointment


Governor is pleased to approve a modified proforma Check List in course of dealing with prayers for employment on compassionate ground in die-in-harness/ retired incapacitated cases.

Minimum Rates of Wages in Construction/ Maintenance of Roads/ Building

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The minimum rates of wages for those in the employment of CONSTRUCTION & MAINTENANCE OF ROADS OR IN BUILDING OPERATION in the state of West Bengal.

PARIJAYEE SAHAY Scheme for Migrant Workers


The new scheme called PARIJAYEE SAHAY will provide some relief to the Migrant Workers in the form of dry ration and other benefits who can not avail themselves of food grains under the Public Distribution System in West Bengal.

West Bengal Tea Plantation Employees’ Welfare Fund Act, 2015


An Act to make provision for the constitution of a fund for promoting activities connected with the welfare of the employees employed in tea Plantation in West Bengal and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

West Bengal Special Economic Zone Act, 2003

, .

An Act to facilitate the development, operation, maintenance, management, administration and regulation of Special Economic Zone in the State of West Bengal so as to accelerate economic reforms and to promote the rapid and orderly growth, development and operation of industries in such Special Economic Zone, and to provide for the matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Financial Assistance to Distressed Workers of Locked Out Jute Industry etc.

, .

Guidelines for providing financial assistance to the distressed workers of the locked out/ closed Jute/ Other Industry of the State of West Bengal where suspension of work have been imposed.

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