Nodal Department for Service Matters of Officers of FA Setup


Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

Memo No. 721-F(Y) Dated, 7th February, 2017

Sub: Nodal Department for the Service matters of officers of Financial Advisor setup.

Consequent upon merger of some departments the FA set-ups have been re-arranged in different cluster of departments vide FD’s Memo. No. 250-F(Y) dated 13/01/2017.

After the re-arrangement of the clusters it has become necessary to specify the name of the departments which will look after the service matters of the officers of FA setup. In case the FA cluster is attached to only one Department that department will look after the service matters including pay and other allowances of the officers and employees of the FA setup. However, in case the FA setup is attached to two of more departments, one department for each cluster is specified as nodal department for the dealing with the service matters and pay and allowances of the officers of the FA setup as given below:

Sl. No.FA ClusterDepartmentsNodal Department for service matters of officers of FA setup
1.FA 2i) Home & Hill Affairs
ii) Correctional Administration
Home & Hill Affairs
2.FA 4i) L&LR and RR&R
ii) MA&ME
3.FA 5i) Higher Education, Science & Technology & Bio-Technology
ii) School Education
iii) Mass Education & Library Services
Higher Education, Science & Technology & Bio-Technology
4.FA 9i) Forest
ii) Environment
5.FA 13i) Law & Judicial
ii) Parliamentary Affairs
Law & Judicial
6.FA 15i) Food & Supply
ii) Consumers Affairs
Food & Supply
7.FA 16i) WRI & D
ii) Agri Marketing
Agri Marketing
8.FA 23i) Sunderban Affairs
ii) Food Processing & Horticulture
Food Processing & Horticulture
9.FA 24i) Information & Culture
ii) P&AR
Information & Culture
10.FA 25i) BCW
ii) Tribal Development
11.FA 26i) ARD
ii) Fisheries
12.FA 32i) Co-operation
ii) Tourism
13.FA 34i) Fire & Emergency Services
ii) Paschimanchal Unnayan
Paschimanchal Unnayan

The charge will be debited to the head of account from which the charge of the Secretariat Establishment of the concerned Administrative Department is met.

Sd/- P.A. Siddiqui
Secretary to the Government of West Bengal
Finance Department

No. 721-F dated 07.02.2017, Source