Creation of New FA Setup and Rearrangement of FA Clusters


Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No: 250-F(Y) Dated: 13th January, 2017


Sub: Rearrangement of FA Clusters.

The Financial Advisor setup was introduced for the different departments of the State Government vide FD Memo No. 152-FB dated 27.04.2012 and Memo No. 1056-FB dated 10.09.2012. In both these orders and the subsequent orders issued thereon, the duties and responsibilities of the FA setup were stipulated.

Presently, there are 20 clusters of departments with a FA setup in each such cluster. But recently 21 departments of the Government of West Bengal have been merged to form 10 departments. Also, the offices of the different departments within the same cluster have shifted to newer location.

In view of the above the Government has also been contemplating about increasing the number of FAs in order to ensure effective and efficient functioning.

After careful consideration of the matter the Governor is please to create 14 new FA setup in Departments and rearranging the existing FA set up as follows:-

Proposed FA deployment in different cluster of Departments

Sl No Name of Departments FA Cluster Location of Department
1 Agriculture FA 3 NABANNA
2 Disaster Management & Civil Defence FA 7 NABANNA
3 Deptt. Of Large industries & Enterprise FA 33 Silpa Bhawan, Camac Street
4 Housing FA 20 New Secretariat
5 H & FW FA 10 Sasthya Bhawan
6 Irrigation &Waterways FA 22 Jalasampad Bhawan
7 IT & E FA 14 Camac St.
8 Labour FA 29 New Secretariat
9 MSME&T FA 30 Hemanta Bhawan
10 NBDD FA 21 Uttarkanya
11 Planning Statistics & PI FA 27 Jt Administrative Building
12 PHE FA 18 New Secretariat
13 Power & NES FA 19 Bidyut Unnayan Bhawan
14 P & RD FA 11 Jt Administrative Building

No. 250-F dated 13.01.2017, Source