Introduction of Online GISS and Leave Encashment Calculation in HRMS

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch
NABANNA, Howrah – 711102

No.: 4115-F(Y) Dated: 28/12/2021

Sub: Introduction of online GISS and Leave Encashment Calculation, Sanction and Bill generation for the retired (including superannuation and death) employees, in HRMS

Simplification of the process of the calculation of benefits on account of GISS and Leave Encashment at the time of retirement of the employees and disbursement of the same was under active consideration of the Government from sometime past Now the Government has been pleased to introduce the online Calculation and Sanction of GISS and Leave Encashment benefits through Exit Management sub module of HRMS in the following manner

GISS Calculation and Sanction – The Operator of the Head of Office will initiate the GISS Calculation and Sanction request from Exit Management menu. After the calculation is finalised and confirmed, it will be sanctioned/ approved by the Head of Office Approver. Then the request will automatically be available to the sanction Inbox of the DDO and the DDO can generate TR60/61 bill for the GISS Claim. When the Bill is submitted by the DDO User, the PDF Report of such Sanction Order will automatically be visible to the Treasury end. There is also a facility to check the status of the Sanction by the Approver/Operator of the Head, of Office and the employee concerned. The Approver/Operator of the Head of Office can modify the same even after approval unless the bill is prepared by the DDO. If the said Bill is rejected, the Sanction may again be modified.

Sanction of Leave Encashment – The same process as is mentioned in the case of GISS Calculation and Sanction above will also be followed in case of Sanction of Leave Encashment. The only difference is that TR 50 bill is to be generated from Sanction Inbox by the DDO for the Leave Encashment Claim.

The detailed procedure with screenshots has also been uploaded in the guideline portion of IFMS Portal for reference.

This Order shall have an immediate effect and Treasuries arc requested to ensure that payment on account of GISS and Leave Encashment claim arc processed through HRMS for employees having HRMS ID.

Joint Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 4115-F dated 28.12.2021, Source

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