Policy of Compassionate Appointment in the Undertaking of Labour Department

Employment Cell

No. 142-Emp/ Emp(Nod)/2A-4/2007 Kolkata, the 1st November, 2007.


Consequent upon issue of this Department’s Notification No. 97-Emp, dated 06.06.2005, a question arose as to if the provisions of the said notification would be applicable to the State Government employees only or to the employees attached to such other establishments, as are mentioned in the West Bengal Regulation of Recruitment in State Government Establishments and Establishments of Public Undertakings. Government Companies and Local Authorities Act, 1999, as well. To obviate the question, issue of a clarification in this regard has been under consideration of the Government for some time past and in terms of this Department Notification No. 69-Emp, dated 26-06-2007, it has been clarified that the term ’employee’ will mean the State Government employee only for the purpose of this Department’s Notification No. 97-Emp, dated 06-06-2005.

2. The Governor has, now, been pleased to order that the appropriate authorities of the establishments of Public Undertakings, Statutory Bodies, Government Companies and Local Authorities, within the purview of the Act ibid, will having regard to the principles applicable to the State Government employees as enunciated in this Department Notification No. 97-Emp, dated 06-06-2005, read with Corrigendum No. 151-Emp, dated 08-09-2005, Notification No. 133-Emp, dated 01-10-2007 and any other order/ Notification to be issued subsequently by the Government in this regard, the financial position and the nature of activities of the respective organisations, formulate policies of their own in consultation with the respective administrative departments so as to follow the same in course of dealing with the prayers for appointment or financial assistance on compassionate ground, received by them, from the dependants of the employees who die-in-harness or retire prematurely on being declared permanently incapacitated.

3. Before notifying the policy, the administrative Department shall obtain the concurrence of the Labour Department and the Finance Department.

4. This order issues with the concurrence of the Finance (Audit) Department, vide their U.O. No. 3947 Group ‘P’ (Service), dated 31-10-2007.

By order of the Governor,

Chief Secretary
to the Government of West Bengal

No. 142-Emp dated 01.11.2007, Source

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