Compassionate Appointment

Appointment on compassionate ground is provided to a dependent family member of a Government employee who dies while in service or is disabled permanently.

Compassionate Appointment

Relaxation of Typing Test during Compassionate Appointment

Finance, , ,

Candidates may be given appointment on compassionate ground to the post of Lower Division Clerk without having passed the examination on elementary knowledge in computer operation.

Employment on Compassionate ground in HRMS

Finance, ,

Governor has been pleased to introduce an online sub-module for handling employment prayers on compassionate grounds in the HRMS of WBIFMS.

Provision of Compasionate Appointment for Married Daughter


The Governor is pleased to bring about the following changes in the existing guidelines to dispose of the cases in a just and equitable manner:

Modified Checklist to deal with Prayers for Compassionate Appointment


Governor is pleased to approve a modified proforma Check List in course of dealing with prayers for employment on compassionate ground in die-in-harness/ retired incapacitated cases.

Scrutiny of Application for Appointment on Compassionate Ground

Public Works,

All the concerned receiving and forwarding authorities/ officers are being requested to send the applications and other related documents in respect of compassionate appointment after thoroughly checking and scrutinizing as per existing Government Orders/ Notifications/ Memorandums/ Circulars in force.

Recruitment Committee for Appointment under Die-in Harness

Public Works, ,

A permanent recruitment committee is being set up to conduct the examination process for appointment to Group-C posts under die-in harness category in Public Works Department.

Compassionate Appointment: Revised Provision


Governor is pleased to revise the provisions of existing guidelines to dispose of the cases of compassionate appointment in a just and equitable manner.

Employment on Compassionate Ground – Checklist


If any application for Employment is made in plain paper, the applicant will be requested/ supplied the Prescribed Proforma for making the application.

Policy of Compassionate Appointment in the Undertaking of Labour Department


Before notifying the policy, the administrative Department shall obtain the concurrence of the Labour Department and the Finance Department.

Principles and Procedures of Appointment on Compassionate Ground


Governor has been pleased to lay down the following principles and procedures to be followed in dealing with the issue of appointment on compassionate ground to the dependants of employees who die-in-harness, or who retire prematurely on being declared permanently incapacitated.
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