Postponement of Election for Constitution/ Reconstitution of MC

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Circular No: 87/Admin/13, Date: 31/05/2013

From: The Administrator,
West Bengal Board of Secondary Education,
Nivedita Bhawan, DJ-8, Sector-II, Karunamoyee,
Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 091

To: The Heads of all Recognised Non-Govt (Aided & Unaided) Secondary Schools.

Sub: (i) Postponement of Election for Constitution/ Reconstitution of the Managing Committee of the Recognised Secondary Schools in view of the ensuing Panchayet Election, 2013.
(ii) Extension of the tenure of the Managing Committees/ Adhoc Committees/ Organising Committees/ Administrators upto 31-10-2013.

In exercise of the powers conferred upon the Administrator by Sub-Section 2 of Section 28 read with Sub-Section 1(b) of Section 50 of the W.B.B.S.E. Act, 1963 as amended, I am pleased to notify that in view of the declaration of Panchayet Election to be held on 02-07-2013, 06-07-2013 and 09-07-2013 in this State of West Bengal through notification and enforcement of the Model Code of Conduct from 27-05-2013, the entire process of Constitution/ Reconstitution of the Managing Committees shall remain suspended upto the date of declaration of result of Panchayet Election i.e. upto 13-07-2013.

  1. 1. In case of schools where the processes of election for the different categories have already been started but not completed till 27-05-2013, the remaining part shall be started after 13-07-2013 adopting fresh programmes as per normal rules and procedure.
  2. In case of schools where elections of different categories other than Office Bearers have already been completed prior to the declaration of dates for ensuing Panchayet Election i.e. 27-05-2013 the election of Office Bearers shall stand deferred upto 13-07-2013 and shall be completed within 31-10-2013 as per provision of Management Rules.
  3. The schools where election for constitution/ reconstitution is due but have not yet adopted any programme for election will take steps for constitution/reconstitution of the Managing Committee as per the Rules after 13-07-2013 and will complete the whole process with the holding of Office Bearers election within 31-10-2013.
  4. The tenure of all the Managing Committees/ Ad-hoc Committees/ Organising Committees/ Administrators which expired on 27-05-2013 or will expire after 27-05-2013 is extended upto 31-10-2013 or till completion of constitution/ reconstitution of the Managing Committee, whichever is earlier.
    However, the Board will take steps as per the Rules for filling up the administrative vacuum in the schools where tenure of the Managing Committees/ Ad-hoc Committees/ Organising Committees/ Administrators expired before 27-05-2013.
  5. The Board, however reserves the right to appoint Administrator/ Ad-hoc Committee where the same would be necessary for administrative reasons.
  6. The above notification is not applicable to schools where any contrary order from the Hon’ble Court prevails.

In case of any doubt or dispute in the matter of holding of election at any stage the matter must be referred to the Board whose decision shall thereon be final.

Sd/- Kalyanmoy Ganguly

No. 87/Admin dated 31.05.2013

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