Reservation in Admission to Higher Educational Institutions


No. 365-Edn(CS)/OM-9L/2015 Date: 21.04.2015


Subject: Implementation of the West Bengal State Higher Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission), Act, 2013 and the West Bengal State Higher Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Rules, 2014

In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 9 of the West Bengal State Higher Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission), Act, 2013, all the State Higher Educational Institutions coming under the purview of the aforesaid Act and the Rules are hereby advised that they shall continue to take steps in implementing the provisions of the Act and the Rules so that reservation of seats in all categories is continued for the academic session 2015-16 as specified in the Act and the Rules, i.e. by increasing the number of seats, within the available infrastructure, and without curtailing the number of un-reserved seats of the institution.

During allocation of seats to each reserved category as defined under the Act, it shall be kept in mind by every institution that the percentage of reservation applicable to each reserved category (SC-22%, ST-6%) under the Act, shall be in commensurate with the total number of seats being increased in each course/ faculty. For OBC-A (10%) and OBC-B (7%) seats, implementation will be done over a six year period and the exercise has already commenced from the Academic year 2014-15. All institutions are accordingly advised to continue to increase seats in each subject/ Department/ Course/ Stream suitably, and to the extent practicable, so that the required increase of overall 17 % seats can be achieved within the Academic Year 2020-21. New State-aided institutions being set up shall endeavour to achieve the specified reservation of seats for SCs (22%), STs (6%) and OBCs (10%+7%) at one go and not incrementally. All institutions shall take caution, while de-reserving the reserved category seats in the event of non availability of respective reserved category candidates, as per the due process prescribed in the Rules, and under guidance of respective Reservation Commissioners. All other instructions, given previously in this regard, shall be complied with mutatis mutandis.

Sd/- M. Ray
Additional Secretary

No. 365-Edn dated 21.04.2015

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