“Self-Attestation” instead of “Attestation by Gazetted Officers”

President of West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education is pleased to order adoption of ‘self-attestation’ and ‘self-declaration’ in different activities with effect from 10.12.2014.

9/2, Block – DJ, Sector – II

No. EST/594/2014 Date: 10.12.14


In concurrence of the order issued by School Education Department, Govt. of W.B. regarding adoption of ‘Self-attestation’ in lieu of ‘attestation by gazetted officers and others’ and adoption of ‘self-declaration’ in lieu of ‘Affidavit’ vide no. 231-JS/ES/Adm./10M-77/2014 dated 26.11.2014, read with the order of P & AR Department, Govt. of West Bengal, vide. No. 1275/PAR(AR)/0/3M-23/2014 dated 13.11.2014, the President, Council is pleased to order adoption of ‘self-attestation’ and ‘self-declaration’ in different activities of this office as listed below with effect from 10.12.2014 in the following manners:

A. List of activities for which self-attestation is allowed dispensing with attestation by gazetted officers and others.

  1. Documents required for admission of students in Higher Secondary level;
  2. Documents required for migration certificate in Higher Secondary level;
  3. Documents required for correction of certificate/ mark sheet/ admit card Higher Secondary level;
  4. Documents required to be submitted with the application by candidates for competitive recruitment examination of officers/ staff of Council.

Candidates should put his/her full signature with date under the words ‘self-attested’ on each of the pages of the documents submitted by them.

However authority concerned may call for original documents any time for verification.

B. List of activities for which ‘self-declaration’ is allowed dispensing with the requirement of affidavit:

  1. Issue of duplicate registration certificate/admit card at Higher Secondary level;
  2. Issue of duplicate mark sheet/ pass certificate/admit card at Higher Secondary level;

Format of self declaration is given in Annexure-I which will be duly filled in signed and submitted after affixing recent photograph in appropriate place by the candidates in lieu of affidavit where required.

Enclo: as stated above.

By order of the President, Council

Sd/- Prof. Subrata Ghosh

No. EST/594 dated 10.12.14, Source

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