Service Book – Opening, Writing, Verification

  • A service book must be maintained for every full time Govt. employee.
  • Head of the Office is responsible to open service book in duplicate immediately after the joining of an employee.
  • One copy shall be kept under the custody of the Head of the Office. Another copy shall be given to the employee.
  • Every step of an en employee’s service life must be recorded in the service book. Each entry is also to be attested by the head of the office.
  • As per direction of the head of the office the employee shall submit the service book every year for verification. After necessary entry the same will be returned to the employee. Both the copies of service book shall be treated as original.
  • Following information are generally entered in a service book:-
    • Date of Birth of the employee.
    • Statement whether medical and police verification reports are satisfactory.
    • Statement whether name or surname has been changed.
    • Copy of nomination for death gratuity, group insurance, GPF etc. should be attached with the service book.
    • Family details as per Appendix I of DCRB Rule is to be written.
    • While an employee is transferred, up to date entries is to be made in the service book and is also transferred to the head of the office of the new place of posting. As such the service is to be verified by the head of the office up to the date of last pay drawn from his office.
    • Head of the office should show the service book to the concerned employee and obtain signature from the employee each year.
    • In case of transfer to foreign service the head of the office or department shall send the service book to the Audit Officer as the Auditor General may prescribe. No entry is to be attested while on foreign service by any authority other than the Audit Officer. After re-transfer to the Govt service the service book is again sent to the Audit Officer for necessary noting.

Service Book (Bangla)

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