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Service Book

A service book must be maintained for every full time Govt. employee. Head of the Office is responsible to open service book in duplicate immediately after the joining of an employee.

Introduction of Workflow Chain and Approval of eService Book in HRMS


Now all the entries so made are to be submitted online to the Custodian of eService Book through predefined Workflow System for approval.

Transfer of Service Book and Issuance of Last Pay Certificate in Madrasah

Madrasah Education.

Regarding Transfer of Updated Service Book and Issuance of Last Pay Certificate in connection with General Transfer of Assistant Teachers and Non-teaching Staff of Govt. Aided Recognized Madrasahs of the State.

Introduction of New Format for Counting of Past Services


Introduction of new format for furnishing details of service regarding counting of past services. Finance Department is facing difficulties in dealing with the cases of counting past services considering different types/nature of services.

Service Book Management of State Government Employees


Online system of Service Book Management in respect of State Government employees. Custodian of service book. Role of the Custodian of Service Books. Scanning and uploading of Service Book by the custodian of Service Book.

Implementation of “Online e-Service Book” in HRMS


All Custodians of Service Books are requested to undertake a special drive to update the Physical Service Books within 15th April, 2019 and issue the updated Duplicate Service Book to the employees.

e-Service Book in IFMS-HRMS – Draft Format


State Government has constituted a Committee for revising the format of Service Book for the purpose of development of e-Service Book in IFMS-HRMS.

Send Service Book before 8 Months of Retirement

Higher Education.

Send the Service Books (in complete shape) of employees, teaching staff and non-teaching staff who will be retiring before 8 (eight) months prior to date of retirement.

Introduction of “e-Services for Employees” (ESE)


“e-Services for Employees” has been introduced iin HRMS module of IFMS. Following services are offered: Update personal information, Generate pay slips, GPF Contributions etc.

Suppression of Higher Qualification in Government Service


Written explanation from the erring employee would be obtained and if the reply is found satisfactory, the appointing authority may record such qualification in the service book.

Inclusion of Qualification of Group D Staff in Service Book


All concerned are requested to include higher educational qualification in the Service Book of qualified Gr. D staffs after verification of original documents issued by the competent authorities.