Finance Rules

West Bengal Financial Rules #WBFR

Awarding AMC / CMC to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)


The cost of AMC / CMC to be executed is within 10% of the cost of procurement of this equipment (including cost of installation).

Creation of Centre for Fiscal Policy and Public Finance under WBPFMRP

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Government of West Bengal has created a “Centre for Fiscal Policy and Public Finance, West Bengal (CFPPF-WB)” to train officers of Government of West Bengal and parastatals in various aspects of Public Financial Management (PFM).

Revised Financial Power for Sanctioning Cost of Medical Treatment

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All Head of the offices under Govt. of West Bengal have the financial power for sanctioning the reimbursement cost of medical attendance and treatment under West Bengal Health Scheme (WBHS).

Financial Power to Accept Tenders with less than 3 bidders

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Financial power of the Heads of the Administrative Departments towards acceptance of tenders with less than 3 qualified bidders in 2nd or subsequent calls will be Rs. 10 crore.

West Bengal Registration (Filing of True Copies) Rules, 1979


Every document that is presented for registration shall be accompanied by a true copy (hereinafter referred to as copy) thereof prepared in the manner specified in these rules.

West Bengal Registration Rules, 1962


The West Bengal Registration Rules, 1962 published vide notification no. 541-Regn dated 26.04.1963. Maintenance of Register books, papers and documents in registration offices and their custody and also destruction of documents.

Amendment of Rule 47 of WBFR regarding Office Vehicle

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Procurement of rental services for office vehicles can be made from an unregistered service provider on production of a self-declaration to the effect that the aggregate turnover of the supplier does not exceed twenty lakh rupees.

Financial Power for Sanctioning any Extra Item, Deviation in Quantity

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Maximum financial powers for sanctioning any extra item or items, substituted item or items, and deviation in quantity or quantities at a time or one or two of it.

Financial Power for according Administrative Approval

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Governor has been pleased to enhance the limit of financial power of the Additional Chief Secretary/ Principal Secretary/ Secretary for administrative approval for any plan expenditure upto Rs. 20.00 Crore.

Applicability of WBFR for Procurements in Parastatals

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Applicability of West Bengal Financial Rules for all Procurements and Works in all parastatals incl. procurements and works funded from their own source of fund.
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