West Bengal Registration Rules, 1962

The West Bengal Registration Rules, 1962 published vide notification no. 541-Regn dated 26.04.1963.

Chapter I
Maintenance of Register books, papers and documents in registration offices and their custody and also destruction of documents

Chapter II
Authentication of Register-Books

Chapter III
Languages to be deemed to be commonly used in different districts

Chapter IV
Territorial Divisions

Chapter V
Procedure prior to acceptances of documents for registration

Chapter VI
Visits and Commissions

Chapter VII
Fines to be imposed under section 25(1) and 34(1)

Chapter VIII
Procedure on Acceptances of Documents for Registration

Chapter IX
Administration and Records of Oaths

Chapter X
Procedure on the Admission of a Document to Registration

Chapter XI
Memoranda and Copies of Documents

Chapter XII

Chapter XIII
Special provisions as to Power-of-Attorney

Chapter XIV
Procedure with regard to wills

Chapter XV

Chapter XVI
Supply of information from books or of copies of documents

Chapter XVII

Chapter XVIII
Office Procedures

Chapter XIX