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Hiring Vehicle

Ceiling of Monthly Expenditure i/o Hired Inspection Vehicles of PWD

Public Works.

Governor is pleased to raise/ enhance the ceiling of monthly expenditure for the inspection vehicles used only by the officers of this department as mentioned below.

Maximum Limit for Hired Inspection Vehicles under WRIDD

Water Resources Investigation and Development.

Coupled with increase in cost of Fuel and Lubricants, Water Resources Investigation & Development Department has been contemplating for some time past to review the existing order imposing a ceiling limit for per month per vehicle.

Fixation of Rates of Hired Inspection Vehicles under PWD

Public Works.

The consumption of fuel shall be restricted to 8 litres per day per vehicle and 5 litres per day per vehicle for operational and non-operational vehicle respectively.

Use of Government Vehicles on Saturdays/ Sundays/ Holidays


For the Saturdays, Sundays or/and other notified holidays including non-working days in a month, if the vehicles engaged on monthly hiring basis are kept as “Stand-by”, only the daily hiring charges for such days may be paid on the basis of the “Stand by” certificate.

Head of Office may Hire New Vehicle for Use


Governor is pleased to delegate the power to the Head of Office for hiring of a new vehicle (Non-AC) as replacement of an existing vehicle.

Delegation of Power for Retention of Vehicle for Office Use


Divisional Commissioners are authorised to retain the vehicles hired for their establishments for a period not extending one year at a time provided the vehicles in question were initially hired with approval of the Finance Department.

Ceiling of Rates for Hiring Vehicles in West Bengal


Maximum 10 KM between the garage and the place of reporting or one hour’s hiring charges whichever is convenient to the owner of the vehicle may be allowed.

Hiring of Vehicles for Use at Government Office in West Bengal


While issuing sanction orders for retention of hiring of vehicles and allowing hiring of a new vehicle as replacement of existing one in exercise of the powers delegated under this memorandum.