Use of Government Vehicles on Saturdays/ Sundays/ Holidays

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch (Group T)
(E – 277853)

Memo No. 560-F(Y) Dated, 15.02.2022


Presently vehicles are engaged by the State Government Departments and offices under their control on monthly/ casual hiring basis in terms of FD Memo No. 4100-FB, dated 13.12.2000 read with Transport Department Notification No. 3564-WT/3M-81/98 dated 24.11.2008, which specifies the ceiling of rates of hiring of various categories of vehicles.

Monthly hiring charges of these vehicles are calculated for actual use/ running of the vehicle on the basis of daily rates specified by Transport Department under Notification dated 24.11.2008 referred to above. If a vehicle is actually used on Saturdays, Sundays or/and other notified holidays, the Head of the concerned department certifies the use of the same.

However, for the remaining non-working period, though the vehicle is kept as stand by in apprehension of probable use, the car owners are deprived from getting payment as there was no specific clarification regarding the matter.

Now, it is hereby clarified, that for the Saturdays, Sundays or/and other notified holidays including non-working days in a month, if the vehicles engaged on monthly hiring basis are kept as “Stand-by”, only the daily hiring charges for such days may be paid on the basis of the “Stand by” certificate to be given in the log book by the log book signing official.

This order will take effect from 01.02.2022.

Principal Secretary to the
Govt. of West Bengal

No. 560-F dated 15.02.2022, Source

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