Rupashree Prakalpa by the Department of Women and Child Development and Social Welfare, West Bengal.

Auto Cancellation of Failed Transactions under Kanyashree/ Rupashree

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Through this new functionality as soon as any transaction fails, it would get cancelled in IFMS automatically and the cancelled payment files would be returned to the concerned Kanyashree/ Rupashree portals without any intervention in IFMS.

SOP for Rupashree Prakalpa in connection with “Duare Sarkar” Campaign

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“Rupashree Prakalpa” is aimed at mitigating the difficulties that poor families face in bearing the expenditure of their daughters’ marriages. Eligible beneficiary gets the benefit to the scheme prior to her marriage.

Download Rupashree Prakalpa Application Form

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Govt. of West Bengal has launched Rupashree Scheme. In this scheme one time financial grant of Rs. 25,000/- will be given to girls above 18 years old for marriage purpose.