Service Book

A service book must be maintained for every full time Govt. employee. Head of the Office is responsible to open service book in duplicate immediately after the joining of an employee.

  • Compulsory recording of GIS subscriptions in the Service Book

    GIS-subscriptions of the State Govt Employees are properly recorded in their Service Books and these records are verified positively by the respective Accounts Officers/Drawing & Disbursing Officers from time to time.

  • Change in Date of Birth in respect of Government Employees

    Prayer for change in date of birth in respect of the Govt. Employees, will not be entertained, if the said prayer is not made in within the period of five years from the date of joining in the Government Service.

  • Service Book – Opening, Writing, Verification

    Employee shall submit the duplicate service book every year for verification. After necessary entry the same will be returned to the employee. This copy may also be treated as original.

  • Change of Surname Procedure

    The execution of the deed should be followed by publication of the change in a daily local news paper as well as in the Calcutta Gazette, the publication being undertaken by the Government servant at his /her expenses.