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Child Care Leave for West Bengal State Govt. Employees

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    I m Executive Assistant of Gram Panchayat. The age of my child is eight months. pls reply whether i can get CCL??????????


    I wanted to know as my son will be completing his age of 18 on 31st dec 2014 but i want to avail my CCL till his 12th class examination which falls end of feb-15. Can i apply for CCL before completion of his 18 yrs till feb-15


    Ami akjon rajjo sarkari kormi, ami amar chheler 9er annual exam er jonno 2maser ccl nite pari?


    I, a non-government college teacher like to avail of the child care leave for my daughter’s examination. But I have heard that only government college teacher have the right to enjoy that leave. I like to know the actual rule.


    Respected Sir,
    I am a gov.-aided high school teacher of West Bengal . I have a 14-year old daughter studying in Class 9, WBBSE .Her Annual Examinations are heading in the end of November to December.She wants my presence and rearing.So,I as per the right of child care leave,want to take 1 month’s leave.But our headmistress clearly stated that in the m.c. meeting that the D.I. has not yet made a ‘format’ and so she has been instructed verbally that she would not grant CCL to more than two persons and that too for the minimum i.e.,for 15 days only.In this regard,My colleagues who are entitled under this facility,have given almost 15 applications.I dare to say that my headmistress is strictly against this ccl clause and is nearly refusing to grant any leave to anyone.I am also confused about this reaction since by next year,my child will avail her terminal examinations,a most vital exam .And,by taking mere 15 days,I cannot benefit her fully.So is it necessary to take only 15 days one spell and where has it been written that only two of teachers can take the leave???Please kindly reply to my queries.It’s very urgent!!!

    Sarmistha Biswas

    I am assistant teacher of a Govt. School and applied for a CCL for a period of 15 days as my daughter who is now six years old is seiously ill and need my assistance very badly as there is none else apart from her father to look after her. But the leave cannot be granted as per the office personnel as the application is not submitted 15 days earlier. Isn’t it ridiculous that I should khow that my daughter will fell sick after 15 days ? Is it possible for anyone to foretell such a thing ? Can any body help me out regarding this matter? Is the CCL is applicable for exam purpose only? Not for a sick baby ?


    Hi Sarmistha,

    I am also facing the same situation as yours. ( assistant teacher of a Govt. School )
    My son was hospitalized and i informed my managing committee from hospital itself.
    But the written application took time to reach them.
    Now they are creating issues and not approving CCL.
    I see that you had same problem i am having.
    Did you get any solution ? or any amendment to the original GO?
    Any information is highly appreciated.
    Please reach me — somnath.nandi2009@gmail.com

    Thank you

    Bitan Mukherjee

    I am an Assistant mistress in a Govt. school under school education. My daughter is going to appear in ICSE class 10 board exam from 26th Feb onwards. I have applied for CCL, but my D.D.O denied to grant it and forcefully said that it will be granted as a medical leave.Can she do it? Then what should I do now? Please reply.


    How many days may enjoy maximum at a time ?

Viewing 9 posts - 121 through 129 (of 129 total)
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