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    Kindly discuss the duties and responsibility of a H.M & A.T with G.o.


    @BABULAL SWARNAKAR I would like to suggest you to search the Forum before creating a new one.
    Please see this Thread: Duties & responsibilities of Headmasters
    and this: Teachers Do’s and Don’ts


    An HM is the pivotal person of an institution. Students, Guardians, Teaching and non teaching staff are revolved round him. He has endless work for the development of the students,teachers and institution. A story of an HM….
    On 08/07/2011 a person joined as an H.M. of a 1300 students, 56 years old school in an interior area of Sundarban with 12 teachers out of 18, 1 Clerk (who is ignored about clerical works), 2 Gr.D staff. Now, the sanctioned teaching post is 32, but only 19 in existing position. Clerk only filled up Registration, distributes dress grant, Books to the students.
    None of his Staff has knowledge of Computer.
    (1) He found that the tenure of the then MC has expired. Without to do his approval, he ran to Nivedita Bhawan to extend time for election. First chance has failed due to by election. Then another day he did it.
    (2) He found that P.F. amount of the teachers of Rs. 120000/- is not submitted wrongly (Rs.4000/- written in the place of Rs.44000/x 3 months – by the D.I -Grant-in -aid Section). It was corrected by his efforts.
    (3) The school has no authenticated Roster. To do so, he found there is so many violation of appointment.
    (4) He has built 16 ACR (SSM), a 3000 sq. ft. Community Room(BEUP only received 3 lakhs), a 35 bed Hostel
    (only received 3 lakh). He started a library, 22 units of Urinal, and 12 units of Toilet.
    (5) After 37 years he re-opened H.S Section on 2013 and passed 95.5% students without HS teachers in his first batch.
    (6) Individual P.F. accounts made by himself.
    (7) Service books of the then staff (12) were either blank or written wrongly. He made them himself newly.
    (8) Three of them retired and got their all retirement benefits in due time. He made their Pension Booklet in own hand.
    (9) Nine teachers joined (2/12/13) and they got their salary on 2/2/14.
    (10) Kanyashree (320) submitted by him ( to do this the time has taken 90 hours). Besides this Sikshashree, Minority, to do caste certificate and to get their scholarship, this HM has to work up to 2/3 a.m. at night so that no eligible students left to get their benefits.
    (11) He has to look over the MDM.
    (12) He has completed 4 years of Audit.
    (13) He has completed a Geo. & Bio. Lab, and bought the instruments for Physical Education and Agronomy
    (14) He submit the tax of the teachers.
    (15) He makes the class-routine.
    (15) Such thousands of works (never ending flood of works) has to execute by an HM. There is no particular G.O. about the duty of an HM. Where there is sufficient and efficient staff especially one or two clerks in a school, the HM may take rest. But in above case?
    Now I placed the duty of teaching staff, as follows:- Thanks a lot…..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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