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    Hello All, 

    Where to find the latest Gazette notification (2018) of Higher Education Dept. ? 
    I’m not able to collect/ find it online. 

    please confirm. 

    S Chakraborty


    Thanks .. Find all the online notifications of the dept.  from the 1st link provided by you.

    However, unable to find the official gazette of the dept. 
    where I can find the name of the 2018 gazetted officers name !!


    Now, the the name of officers are not published in the gazette. the term gazetted officer has been abolished. instead grouping of officers has been introduced.


    Thanks for your reply NEMO sir, But i have few technical / legal query !
    appreciated , If any one can answer it please.

    as per law Group A officers can certify other people with their Stamp and signature as earlier Gazetted officers used to do ?

    Will it be valid in Court of LAW ?

    as far as I have seen, In case of Govt. of India , the appointment letter issued to group ‘A’ officers itself written as “Group A gazetted ” so no confusion arise. But in Govt. of WB , how to prove / check that a Group A officer is gazetted ?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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