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Surplus of Teachers in Primary School

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      Dear friends,
      I have a query regarding surplus teachers.
      1.Whether surplus of teacher is made on total roll strength of school or on the basis of average attendance which is mentioned in monthly return?
      2.A school, roll strength of 253 students have 6 teachers and 1 head teacher.So whether last teacher is safe?


        surplus of teachers is made on total roll strength not on monthly attendance.
        The last teacher is not surplus. but it does not guarantee safety because if senior teachers join in this school from other school by transfer and roll strength falls may be the last teacher become surplus… this is a technical probability… otherwise safe


          Thank u Sir,
          For 6 assistant teachers & 1 head teacher what should be the roll strength?
          Kindly elaborate pupil teacher ratio?
          Waiting for ur reply.
          Thanx in advance.

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          I think for 6 assistant teacher and 1 HT roll strength should be 201- 240. For roll strength 253 teacher strength should be 7 AT and 1 HT (at least). Please refer to



            Thank u very much.


              In the case of surplus teacher; please let me know who will be in the surplus category for further transfer?
              1. Who joined (transferred / newly appointed) last in the school i.e., the most junior in the particular school.
              2. Who serves as most junior in terms of individual’s total service period.
              I was told that the surplus teacher will be the person who is the most junior in a particular school irrespective of the teacher’s total service period.
              Please clarify and provide any GO supporting the statement.


                In our circle the total service period is counted not the service life in the particular school. However I don’t have any G.O. regarding that. Besides, there is no hard and fast rule. Sometime it is manipulated by the authority according to the situation.

              Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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