West Bengal Jail Code

Rules for the Superintendence and Management of Jails in West Bengal (Volume – I)

The following Acts regulate the establishment and management of Jails, the confinement and treatment of persons therein, and the maintenance of discipline amongst them.

  1. The Prisons Act, 1894.
  2. The Prisoners Act, 1900.
  3. The Indian Lunacy Act, 1912.
  4. The West Bengal Children Act, 1959.
  5. The Factories Act, 1948.
  6. The Transfer of Prisoners Act, 1950.
  7. The Prisoners (Attendance in Courts) Act, 1955.

Those provisions of the Civil Procedure Code, 1908, the Criminal Procedure Code, 1898 and the Indian Penal Code which relate to the confinement of prisoners, the execution of sentences, appeals, lunatics and the like, must also be complied with in connection with the prison administration.

Note: All the above Acts, except the codes of Civil and Criminal Procedure, and the Indian Penal Code, are printed in Volume II of this Code.


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