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Disaster Management Manual

It is necessary to provide a suitable handbook to the practitioners of disaster management in the public sector as guide within a set parameter.

Published in Disaster Management

Government of West Bengal
Department of Disaster Management


  1. Chapter I/ Introduction
  2. Chapter II/ Disaster Management
  3. Chapter III/ Organisation for Disaster Management
  4. Chapter IV/ Risk Management
  5. Chapter V/ Floods
  6. Chapter VI/ Cyclones
  7. Chapter VII/ Drought
  8. Chapter VIII/ Earthquake
  9. Chapter IX/ Landslides and erosion
  10. Chapter X/ Accidental Fires
  11. Chapter XI/ Heat Waves
  12. Chapter XII/ Tsunami hazards and disaster
  13. Chapter XIII/ Crisis Management and Relief organisation
  14. Chapter XIV/ Relief Assistance
  15. Chapter XV/ Role of Panchayat Raj Institution (PRI) in Disaster Management
  16. Chapter XVI/ Training
  17. Chapter XVII/ Gruel Kitchen
  18. Chapter XVIII/ Minimum Standards of Relief Assistance at Relief Camps and Gruel kitchens

Download: Disaster Management Manual, Source