Disaster Management Manual

It is necessary to provide a suitable handbook to the practitioners of disaster management in the public sector as guide within a set parameter.

Government of West Bengal
Department of Disaster Management


Chapter I/ Introduction

Chapter II/ Disaster Management

Chapter III/ Organisation for Disaster Management

Chapter IV/ Risk Management

Chapter V/ Floods

Chapter VI/ Cyclones

Chapter VII/ Drought

Chapter VIII/ Earthquake

Chapter IX/ Landslides and erosion

Chapter X/ Accidental Fires

Chapter XI/ Heat Waves

Chapter XII/ Tsunami hazards and disaster

Chapter XIII/ Crisis Management and Relief organisation

Chapter XIV/ Relief Assistance

Chapter XV/ Role of Panchayat Raj Institution (PRI) in Disaster Management

Chapter XVI/ Training

Chapter XVII/ Gruel Kitchen

Chapter XVIII/ Minimum Standards of Relief Assistance at Relief Camps and Gruel kitchens

Download: Disaster Management Manual, Source

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