Correctional Services

All Jails have been designated as Correctional Homes in the state and are now governed by the West Bengal Correctional Services Act, 1992.

West Bengal Correctional Services (Release on Parole) Rules, 2021

Correctional Services,

Inspector General of Correctional Services shall be the competent authority for granting release on parole for a period not exceeding forty days subject to regulation of release on parole under rule 6.

Cash Allowance in respect of Uniformed Officials of Correctional Services

Correctional Services, ,

Governor has been pleased to enhance the benefit of cash allowance in lieu of Ration Allowance from Rs. 900/- to Rs. 1500/- per month in respect of uniformed officials of Correctional Services viz. Warder (Male and Female), Head Warder, Chief Head Warder, Assistant Controller and Controller.

West Bengal Jail Code

Correctional Services,

Those provisions of the Civil Procedure Code, 1908, the Criminal Procedure Code, 1898 and the Indian Penal Code which relate to the confinement of prisoners, the execution of sentences, appeals, lunatics and the like, must also be complied with in connection with the prison administration.

Precautionary Measures in Correctional Homes due to Corona

Correctional Services,

(i) To ensure screening of every prisoners during each admission from outside; (ii) To immediate refer to outside Government Hospital in the cases showing any symptom of virus infection; (iii) To keep prisoners who were close proximity of the suspected prisoners with cough and fever, in isolation cell;

West Bengal Correctional Services (Amendment) Act, 2016

Correctional Services,

An Act to amend Section 2, 4, 18, 69, 88 and 91 of the West Bengal Correctional Services Act, 1992 vide No. 444-L dated 20.05.2016.

West Bengal Correctional Services (Amendment) Act, 2013

Correctional Services,

Any person arrested or convicted on a charge of having committed or attempting to commit or aiding or abetting the commission of any offence, in furtherance of any political or democratic movement or public agitation, shall be classified as political prisoner.

Revision of Scale of Pay of different Warders under Jail Deptt.

Correctional Services, Finance,

Warders (Warder/ Female Warder/Warder orderly/ Warder Body Guard) and its promotion posts of Head Warder and Chief Head Warder under the administrative control of the Department of Jails.

West Bengal Correctional Services Act, 1992

Correctional Services,

An Act to amend and consolidate the law relating to prisons and persons detained therein in West Bengal. Establishment of different categories of correctional home, Functions of correctional homes.