West Bengal Nursing Personnel (Placement on Trainee Reserve) Rules, 2009

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KOLKATA – 700 091.

No. HF/O/GA(NG)/303/1N-26/09, Kolkata, the 8th December, 2009.


In exercise of the power conferred by the proviso to article 309 of the Constitution of India the Governor is pleased hereby to make the following rules namely:-


1. Short title and commencement

(1) These rules may be called the West Bengal Nursing Personnel (Placement on Trainee Reserve) Rules, 2009.

(2) These rules shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette,

2. Application of the rules

These rules shall be applicable for all categories of nursing personnel employed in the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal, and borne in the cadres of the West Bengal Nursing Service, the West Bengal General Service and shall also include such other nursing personnel posted as Health Assistant (Female) and Health Supervisor (Female).

3. Admissible courses of study and number of trainee reserve

(1) Nursing Personnel shall, subject to the condition laid down in these rules, be eligible to be placed on trainee reserve for admission to the courses as mentioned hereunder:-

(a) All post-graduate or graduate level degree or diploma courses recognized by the Indian Nursing Council and the West Bengal Nursing Council only within the State;

(b) courses recognized by the Indian Nursing Council outside the State.

(2) The exact number of candidates to be placed on trainee reserve for the different courses run by the West Bengal Nursing Council, West Bengal University of Health Sciences and other Universities, in respect of the concerned nursing personnel for whom these rule are applicable, shall, by order, be determined by the State Government from time to time.

4. Criteria for placement on trainee reserve

The following shall be the eligibility criteria for placement on trainee reserve as Government sponsored candidates:-

(a) for the Nursing Personnel borne in the cadres of the West Bengal Nursing Service, West Bengal General Service and for those nursing personnel employed in the posts of Health Assistant (Female) or Health Supervisor (Female)-

(i) a minimum of three years qualifying service under the employment of the Government of West Bengal in the respective cadre or a total service of three years taking into account the service rendered in the West Bengal Nursing Service, West Bengal General Service and/or in the post of Health Assistant (Female) and/ or Health Supervisor (Female) taken together, the qualifying service being determined as on the last date of submission of application prescribed by the concerned institution or Nursing Council or University for undergoing the courses mentioned in rule 3;

(ii) nursing Personnel who had acquired Or passed Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery (Revised) Course or General-Nursing Midwifery Course or B.Sc. Nursing or M.Sc. Nursing or M. Phil Nursing, irrespective of the fact whether the same was acquired with or without Government sponsorship prior to entry in Government Service, shall only be entitled to undergo corresponding higher course i.e. General Nursing Midwifery Course, B.Sc. Nursing Course, M.Sc. Nursing Course, M. Phil in Nursing, as the case may be;

(iii) nursing Personnel once placed on trainee reserve for prosecuting any course in such manner as laid down in sub-clause-(ii) of this clause shall not be allowed any other facilities of trainee reserve for prosecuting similar course in any other discipline unless permitted by the State Government in the exigencies of Public Services;

(iv) the nursing personnel must not be more than 53 years of age on the last date of submission of application for admission. However, no nursing personnel shall be eligible for trainee reserve in excess of a total period of 7 years during her entire service tenure;

(v) for placement on trainee reserve for undergoing General-Nursing Midwifery, B.Sc.(Nursing), post-graduate degree or M. Phil courses in Nursing, other eligibility criteria, as may be prescribed by the concerned University or Council or Institution – within or outside the State shall also determine the eligibility for being placed on trainee reserve in addition to the foregoing criteria.

5. Execution of bond

(1) Nursing Personnel shall have to execute a bond in triplicate prior to proceeding on trainee reserve, to such effect that she shall serve this State Government for a minimum period of three years for course of duration of two-years or less, and five years for courses of duration of three years or more on completion of the course as trainee reserve, failing which, such Nursing Personnel shall refund to the State Government the amount of money, in the manner prescribed below:-

(i) for courses of duration of more than 2 years – three Lakh rupees,
(ii) for courses of duration of two years – two Lakh rupees;
(iii) for courses of duration of less than two years – one Lakh.

(2) No Nursing Personnel shall be allowed to resign or retire voluntarily or deputed to any other service or to be placed on lien, during the period of service required in the bond unless she has paid such amount as specified in subrule (1) of this rule.

(3) Any Nursing Personnel who discontinues or drops out of any course in which she had been placed on trainee reserve, shall forgo any further privilege of being placed on trainee reserve, and the period which she has spent on trainee reserve shall be adjusted against her admissible leave.

6. Procedure for application and placement on trainee reserve

The following shall be the procedure for applying and placement on trainee reserve:-

The Nursing Personnel when eligible under the foregoing rules can directly apply to any University or Institution for appearing in the Diploma Course (General Nursing Midwifery), graduate and post-graduate and M.Phil, entrance Examination and simultaneously shall apply to the Director of Health Services for sponsorship certificates. After observing required formalities in accordance with law, the placement orders for trainee reserve will be issued and thereafter such personnel will proceed on trainee reserve and execute bonds as specified in rule 4 of the rules.

7. Eligibility for further Government sponsorship

Any Nursing Personnel, after successful completion of one course by availing “Trainee Reserve” facility and after serving the mandatory period as per bond executed by her, shall only be eligible for further Government sponsorship as “Trainee Reserve” for higher Course and Super speciality course.

8. Bar to study and trainee reserve other than approved by the State Government

No Nursing Personnel shall be allowed to undergo studies as trainee reserve in any manner other than being sponsored as per these rules. However, for short duration training courses, the State Government may allow sponsorship and place such nursing personnel on trainee reserve, or, allow such officer to undergo such course by availing admissible leave as felt expedient by the Government in accordance with the provisions contained in rule 6 of these rules.

By order of the Governor,

Special Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. HF-303 dated 08.12.2009, Source

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