Service Rule

West Bengal Service Rules #WBSR

Clarification 3 of West Bengal Services ROPA Rules, 2019

After careful consideration of the cases, it is felt necessary to modify Illustration I of clarification at Sl. No. 3 of Finance Department Memorandum No. 6471-F(P2) dated 02.12.2019.


Clarification 2 of West Bengal Services ROPA Rules, 2019

Certain instances of irregularity in fixation of pay on promotion to a post within the period of probation in the respective lower post have come to the notice of the Government.


Pre-Revised Pay Level 10C under WBS (ROPA) Rules, 2019

Governor to replace the existing contents of Level 10C as contained in Schedule II to the WBS (ROPA) Rules, 2019 by the following:


Modification of Level 10C of WBS (ROPA) Rules, 2019

An employee on promotion from a post in Level-09 to a post in Level-10C is getting his pay fixed at lower amount than the pay being fixed for an employee having same basic pay in the post in Level-09 on his promotion to the post in Level-10 inspite of the fact that the post in Level-10C is higher than the post in Level-10.


West Bengal Correctional Services (Release on Parole) Rules, 2021

Inspector General of Correctional Services shall be the competent authority for granting release on parole for a period not exceeding forty days subject to regulation of release on parole under rule 6.

Correctional Services

West Bengal Services (Recruitment of Forest Guard and Head Forest Guard) Rules, 2015

Rules regulating recruitment to the post of Forest Guard and Head Forest Guard under the Forest Department, Government of West Bengal.


West Bengal Registration (Deed Writers) Rules, 1999

“Deed Writer” means a person who is engaged in the profession of preparing documents, namely, doing the work of conveyancing, including investigation of tide, preparation of draft deeds and engrossing, the deed on stamp paper tor registration and holds a licence under these rules;


West Bengal Registration (Copy Writers) Rules, 1999

“Copy Writer” means a person who prepares in the prescribed form true copies of documents to be presented for registration under the West Bengal Registration (Filing of True Copies) Rules, 1979, and holds a licence under these rules;


WBSROPA Rules, 2019 for staffs of Institute of Historical Studies

The benefits of the West Bengal Services (Revision of Pay and Allowances) Rules, 2019 may be applied mutatis-mutandis towards revision of scale of pay of the employees in the Govt. approved posts in the Institute of Historical Studies, Kolkata.

Higher Education

West Bengal Secretariat Manual

Since 2005, there have been many changes in the functioning of the Government requiring modification in Secretarial Procedure. Over time, governance has witnessed a number of reforms. Introduction of e-Office in particular and IT enabled services in general has inculcated changes in office procedure.

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