Aadhaar Linking with Ration Card through ePOS by eKYC

Government of West Bengal
Food and Supplies Department
11A, Mirza Ghalib Street, Kolkata-700 087

Memo No. 2358/FS/O/Sectt/IT-12/2014(Pt) Date: 22/7/2021


In supersession of all previous orders and to expedite the process of Aadhaar seeding and validation through ePoS machine installed at FPSs, Department is integrating eKYC mechanism in ePoS machine also. In this process, seeding and validation of Aadhaar will be done instantly at FPSs through ePoS machine on the basis of Aadhaar based Biometric Authentication.

To complete the Aadhaar validation/ verification process, all member of a families, whose cards have not been seeded and validated/ verified till date may get it done through the surveyor visiting house to house for this purpose during July and August, 2021 or may visit FPSs for this purpose. All members of a family, need not to come at FPS at a time for Aadhaar seeding and validation.

As it has been observed that most of the beneficiaries lifts foodgrain in the 1st week of a month, so, to avoid rush to the FPS point and for convenience of PDS beneficiary, above mentioned seeding and validation process will take place in FPSs from the 8th Day of every month till the end of month.

Aadhaar seeding through ePoS in above process will start 22/7/2021 onwards.

Whenever a DRC holder, visit FPS for Aadhaar seeding and validation during operational time, the FPS dealer will seed and validate his/her Aadhaar with DRC through eKYC mechanism.

Detailed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is annexed in Annexure-I.

A copy of this order and annexure should be displayed in the FPS.

Sd/- Secretary
to the Government of West Bengal
Food & Supplies Department

Annexure to Memo No. 2358/FS/O/Sectt/IT-12/2014(Pt), Date: 22/7/2021

Standard Operating Procedure for Aadhar seeding with Digital Ration Card through ePoS

1) DRC holder is required to visit his/her FPS and he/she should carry his/her Digital Ration Card (DRC) and Aadhaar card.

2) He/She will produce DRC and Aadhaar card to FPS.

3) On production of Ration Card and Aadhaar by beneficiary, FPS dealer will do the following process in ePoS.

a) Will enter category (AAY/PHH/SPHH/RKSY-I&II) and DRC No. of any of the DRC holder. Or DRC can be scanned through the scanner for fetching DRC details.

*GEN (non-subsidised) ration card is not required be seeded at present.

b) Details of all cards against that family will be displayed along with Aadhaar verification status, “Not Verified” & “Verified”.

c) Then the FPS dealer will proceed to capture Aadhaar number of the DRC holder, if his DRC is “Not verified” in following manner:

i) Caption “Not Verified” will be clicked against DRC holder.

ii) A screen to showing the status (Present, Not Available (not present now), Shifted/Migrated, Dead and No Aadhar) with radio button against each will appear.

iii) The “Present” radio button should be selected and SUBMIT button will be clicked.

iv) Then, Aadhaar capturing screen will appear.

v) Number as shown on Aadhaar (physically) will be entered correctly in the space. Then “SUBMIT” button will be pressed.

vi) A message for consent of the ration card holder will pop up with OK & NO option. OK should be selected.

vii) Now, DRC holder will be asked to put his THUMB in Fingerprint Scanner.

viii) If verification is successful, following message will appear on screen:

1) Name in RC and Name in Aadhar,

2) Gender in RC and Gender in Aadhar,

3) DOB in RC and DOB in Aadhar,

4) Guardian/Father Name in RC and Guardian/Father Name in Aadhar.

Now in the screen, a question will appear as follows:

“RC person and Aadhar person same?” with two radio buttons, if the both person is same then “Yes” should be selected, otherwise “No” option should be selected.

ix) In case verification is successful, then mismatch of spelling in name and DOB will be overlooked. But if the name of the RC holder and guardian/father name are totally different or gender is different or difference in age more than 10 years then displayed information will be read out loudly and the DRC holder will be asked whether the RC person and Aadhaar person are same. If the answer is acceptable and logical to the FPS as a man of general prudence then “YES” radio button will be pressed, else “NO”.

x) If “YES” radio button is selected, a box with caption “RC name and Aadhar name same?” with two radio buttons, “Yes” and “No” and a push button, CONFIRM will appear. If spelling of name in RC and Aadhar matches then “Yes” will be selected, else “No” and then CONFIRM button will be pressed.

xi) Mismatch in spelling is just for record. It has no effect on CONFIRM button.

xii) “RC person and Aahdar person not same” may happen in two cases. (1) Due to over speeding or assembling of many persons at a time, RC may be selected for one person and thumb impression is taken of another person. (2) Impersonation, it may rarely take place.

d) If the RC person and Aahdaar person is not same and consequently “NO” button is selected then the buttons “Retake” will appear. Retake is meant for re-capturing the thumb impression of the right DRC holder in case it was taken of a wrong person. In case, it is found that someone has deliberately provided the Aadhar number of a wrong person or someone was trying to impersonate or Aadhar number of a person who has already died was given, the same button “Retake/Cancel” button should be pressed.

e) During capturing of Biometric, if it is found that the concerned Aadhaar is already seeded and validated with other Ration card, in this case, a message will pop-up “The Aadhaar is already seeded and validated with another Ration card. Do you want to seed and validate the Aadhaar with this Ration card?” after that, click on Yes button. Aadhaar will be linked with this DRC after successful Biometric Authentication.

f) If RC of some family members is already seeded and validated, it will show as “Verified” against the name of RC holder. No need to capture the Aadhar of these family members again.

g) After completion of seeding of Aadhar one mobile number of said family will be seeded and verified through OTP. If a mobile number is already seeded that should also be verified through OTP.

h) The DRC holder will be asked, whether any member of the family is Dead? If any member is found dead, then the name of Dead DRC holder and “Dead” button against that name should be selected in status capturing screen (As mentioned in para-c, sub para-ii) in place of selecting “Present”.

Sd/- Joint Secretary
to the Government of West Bengal
Food & Supplies Department

No. 2358-FS dated 22.07.2021, Source

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