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Aadhaar is a 12 digit identification number stored in a centralized database and linked to the basic information i.e. photographs, ten fingerprints and iris of each individual.

Progress of Aadhaar Enrolment in West Bengal

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Progress of Aadhaar enrolment in West Bengal is presently 54% in the 0-5, 73% in the 5-18 and 105% in the 18+ age group have been issued Aadhaar numbers.

Aadhar Card as Proof of Identity and Local Residence

Published in BCWD

AADHAR card needs to be treated as valid document in regard to proof of identity and local residence for the purpose of issuance of caste certificates.

Aadhaar is Mandatory for Scholarships wef 2016-17

Published in Higher Secondary Education

From 2016-17 onwards, Aadhaar has been made mandatory for all Govt subsidies/ scholarships which would be disbursed directly into the beneficiary’s bank account seeded.

Salient Features of The Aadhaar Act, 2016

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Every resident shall be entitled to obtain an Aadhaar number by submitting his demographic information and biometric information during enrolment.

Supreme Court Interim Order on Aadhaar Data Collection

Published in State Election Commission

No Aadhaar data shall be collected from any other agency/data hub/organization of Central Government/State Government, nor should the data collected so far be used for any authentication/other purpose.

Whether Aadhaar Card is Mandatory for getting Subsidy?

Published in Finance

For getting subsidy benefit and benefits under Government social welfare schemes, no one should be denied any benefits for want of Aadhaar number.

Know Your Aadhar Card Application Status Online

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Check the application status for Enrollment for Aadhar Card from the Interactive self service portal of UIDAI partner management online here.

Enrollment for UID Aadhaar Card in Kolkata

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Two documents are required for Enrollment for UID Aadhaar Card in Kolkata. One is for Identity Proof and another as Address Proof. A self attested Xerox copy of PAN card and Voter ID card.

Aadhaar Card in West Bengal

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The Aadhaar number will be stored in a centralized database of India. It will also be linked to the basic demographic and biometric information i.e. photographs, ten fingerprints and iris of each individual.

Aadhaar Card in West Bengal