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Admission of Children in Elementary Classes for Session, 2021

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Admission of Children in Govt. Sponsored/Aided Primary/ Upper Primary/ High/ H.S. Schools

KOLKATA – 700 091

No. 524-SE(EE)/1OM-186/2010 Dated: 25.11.2020


The following methodology shall be followed for admission of children in elementary classes including Pre-Primary Class in all Government schools including Model schools and Integrated Schools for the academic session-2021.

(i) As per provision of the RTE Act, 2009, no child or his/her parents or guardian will be subjected to any kind of screening procedure. All children from 6-14 years shall be admitted to their age appropriate classes in neighbourhood schools, and elementary education including preprimary education shall be provided to them free of cost.

ii) It has been decided that admission in elementary classes including pre-primary class shall be done through draw of lots if number of candidates seeking admission to a class is more than the number of seats available for admission.

Mode of conducting draw of lots shall be as follows:

(A) At first a general draw of lots from amongst all applicants praying for admission irrespective of category [viz. SC/ST/OBC(A)/OBC(B) etc.] is to be done to select the unreserved candidates.

(B) Thereafter a series of draw of lots from the left over applications are to be arranged category-wise to fill up the reserved seats.

Category-wise percentages of reserved seats are as below:

Scheduled Caste – 22%, Scheduled Tribe – 6%, OBC (A) – 10%, OBC(B) – 7% and Children with Special Need – 3%.

It may be mentioned here in this connection that if seats reserved for SC remain unfilled by SC candidates they may be filled by ST candidates and vice versa. However, after completion of the aforesaid exercise if more seats are available which could not be filled up due to non-availability of SC/ST candidate they should be taken in the unreserved pool. Moreover seats meant for OBC(A) and OBC(B) candidates, if could not be filled up due to non-availability of OBC(A) and OBC(B) candidates, will also be taken in the unreserved pool. Such unreserved seats shall be filled by candidates as per norm. For this a waiting list may be maintained in the first draw of lots as at (ii) (A) above.

iii) Children seeking admission for pre-primary class shall be 5 years of age or above and below 6 years as on 01.01.2021, all children of the age of 6-14 years shall be admitted to their age appropriate classes.

Children who have completed any class at a lesser age as per prevalent rule in force at the material point of time in any school may be allowed to proceed to the next class.

The age appropriate classes would be as follows (Age will be calculated as on 01.01.2021):-

a) For Class I, the age of 6 years and above but less than 7 years of age.
b) For Class II, the age of 7 years and above but less than 8 years of age.
c) For Class III, the age of 8 years and above but less than 9 years of age.
d) For Class IV, the age of 9 years and above but less than 10 years of age.
e) For Class V, the age of 10 years and above but less than 11 years of age.
f) For Class VI, the age of 11 years and above but less than 12 years of age.
g) For Class VII, the age of 12 years and above but less than 13 years of age.
h) For Class VIII, the age of 13 years and above but less than 14 years of age.

No student should be forced to drop out of education through the admission process. Moreover, out of school children are to be admitted for universalization of elementary education. Children with special need can be admitted at higher age in a class. In appropriate cases for calculation of age for admission, 4(four) months relaxation may be given depending on the merit of the case.

District Inspector of Schools (PE)/ District Inspector of Schools (SE) shall ensure that no child in the above age group in the district is left out of the process of admission to his/her age appropriate class in a school nearer to his/her residence, as required under the RTE Act, 2009.

The District Education Officers, SSM, would facilitate admission of out of school children in schools and all schools should co-operate. Any school which wishes to increase the number of seats may send proposal to the department.

The admission procedure (distribution and receiving of admission forms of lottery, draw of lot, admission of candidates etc.) shall be done strictly as per COVID-19 protocol issued by the Government of West Bengal from time to time.

This may be communicated to all concerned for strict compliance.

Sd/- Joint Secretary
School Education Department

No. 524-SE dated 25.11.2020, Source