Admission in Teachers Training Programmes, 2023-2025

Government of West Bengal
Department of Higher Education
College Sponsored Branch
Bikash Bhavan, 6th Floor: Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700091

No. 372-Edn (CS)/10M-20/2015 Dated: 08th June, 2023


The results of the different Undergraduate level programmes under different Universities in the State of West Bengal are expected to be published by the end of August 2023. For Teachers’ Training Programmes courses in the State, the State Government in the Higher Education Department has advised to start the procedure for admission in Teachers’ training programmes for the academic session 2023-2025 with effect from 1st September, 2023 and to prescribe the following guidelines for the Universities and Colleges offering B.Ed./ M Ed./ B.P. Ed./ M.P. Ed Degree:-

1) Government and Government-aided Colleges and State-aided Universities offering B.Ed./ M.Ed./ B.P. Ed./ M. P. Ed. Courses will conduct on-line admission process, on standalone basis.

2) Admission to self-financed B.Ed./ M Ed./ B. P. Ed./ M.P. Ed. Colleges will be done centrally by the affiliating University through on-line mode only.

3) Admission in Govt.-aided and self-financing B.Ed./M. Ed./B. P. Ed./M.P. Ed. Colleges, with minority status, will be done through on-line mode on standalone basis.

4) 5% Seats in Govemment/ Government-aided B.Ed./ M.Ed./ B.P. Ed./ M.P. Ed. Colleges and in B.Ed. /M.Ed./ B.P. Ed./ M.P. Ed. Departments of State-aided Universities are to be reserved for untrained deputed school teachers of Classes V -XII, subject to their eligibility as per NCTE Regulations.

5) For self-financing B.Ed./ M.Ed./ B.P. Ed/ M. P. Ed. College, 5% seats are to be reserved for eligible untrained deputed school teachers of classes V-XII, subject to their eligibility as per NCTE Regulations.

6) In case of State-aided Unitary Universities, 5% Seats are to be reserved for untrained deputed school teachers of Classes V-XII, subject to their eligibility as per NCTE Regulations.

7) Seats reserved for deputed teachers may be de-reserved to make them available to fresher, if they remain vacant after final counselling, with prior approval of the affiliating University or the competent authority in the Unitary University.

8) The ratio for Home University students and other University students shall be 80:20 in case of State aided Affiliated Universities. The ratio for Home University students and other University students shall be 90:10 in case of State aided Unitary Universities. However, the unfilled Home University Seats, if any, will be filled up by the outside University students and vice-versa.

9) No Charges shall be taken from the students for (i) scanning/ uploading of documents for online admission and (ii) providing/ making available the application form/ prospectus of admission in all courses like last year.

10) Eligible applicants should be informed directly by the College/ University authorities through letter or e-mail or telecommunication.

11) Payment of fees should be done only through e-payment or designated banks and not physically at the colleges/ Universities.

12) List of eligible applicants should be handed over to the designated bank branches for verification during payment through banks. Banks will receive admission fees on the basis of merit list.

13) The upper ceiling of Admission Fees for B.Ed./ B.P.Ed/ M.Ed./ M.P.Ed. Programme (2 years) in the private/ self-financing colleges shall continue to be Rs.75,000/- (Rupees Seventy-five thousand) only per annum per student, inclusive of Development Fees, and a ‘Refundable Caution Money’ of Rs. 5,000 (five thousand) only. Hostel charges, where applicable and University Examination Fees may be realized separately.

14) The process of admission shall be completed by 29th September, 2023 and the classes may be started on and from 10th October, 2023.

15) However, beyond the above schedule the willing HEIs (as mentioned at Sl. No. 1 & 3) or the willing affiliating University (as mentioned in SI. No. 2), as the case may be, may reopen their Admission Portal for another 02 (two) phases, if required, subject to availability of vacancies at the Institution level. But it is advised that the entire process of admission be completed positively by 04th November 2023.

16) All testimonials are required to be uploaded online during application. Verification of documents, if required, should be done only when the students report for the classes in due course. Admission will be cancelled if the documents are found not in conformity with declaration in the forms submitted online.

17) All stakeholders shall adhere to the COVID-19 norms/ protocol, issued by the Government time to time.

This is issued with the approval of competent authority and will remain in effect until further order.

Sd/- S. Basuray
Senior Special Secretary

No. 372-Edn dated 08.06.2023, Source

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