Age Proof Certificate for Payment of Additional Quantum of Family Pension

KOLKATA-700 001

No. 444-F(Pen) Dated, Kolkata, The 22nd May, 2023


Subject: Age proof certificate for payment of additional quantum of family pension on attaining 80 years of age in terms of F.D. Memo. No. 200-F(Pen) dated 25.02.2009 and F.D. Memo. No. 201-F(Pen) Dated 25.02.2009.

Consequent upon revision of pension and family pension under ROPA, 2019 vide No. 535-F(Pen) & 536-F(Pen) dated 01.10.2019, read with Memo. No. 681-F(Pen) dated 23.12.2019 it has been brought to the notice of the Government that many aged family pensioners do not possess School Final Examination or equivalent examination certificates. Moreover, obtaining certificates from WBHS doctor has not been possible for many such aged family pensioners.

2) After careful consideration of the same the Governor has now been pleased to prescribe that any one of the following documents shall be accepted as proof of date of birth/age for payment of additional quantum of family pension only on completion of 80 years and above:

(i) Certificate of the Madhyamik Examination or equivalent examination.
(ii) Certificate from any doctor belonging to W.B. Health Services (WBHS).
(iii) Voter’s I.D. Card (EPIC).
(iv) PAN Card.
(v) Aadhaar Card.

3) In case of different dates of birth in different Certificates mentioned above, the date of birth first recorded and accepted in the office of the Govt. of West Bengal for payment of family pension is final and cannot be changed on production of any of the Certificates mentioned above for payment of additional quantum of family pension.

4) This order issues with the partial modification of F.D. 460-F(Pen) dated 20.05.2009, Memo. No. 635-F(Pen) dated 14.07.2010, Memo. No. 535-F(Pen) dated 01.10.2019 read with provision 13 of F.D. Memo. No. 681-F(Pen) dated 23.12.2019 and Memo. No. 55-F(Pen) dated 21.10.2020.

5) This order shall take effect from the date of the issue.

Additional Secretary
to the Govt. of West Bengal

No. 444-F dated 22.05.2023, Source

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