Family Pension

Family Pension is 30% of the last pay. Maximum ceiling of family pension is Rs. 21,000/-. The amount of pension increases with the increase of the age of the family pensioner.

Pension/ Family Pension

Family Pension to Unmarried Daughter beyond 25 years Age


Eligibility of un-married/ widowed/ divorced daughter of the employees/ pensioners of all State Aided Universities for family pension beyond 25 years of age.

Issuance of Uniform Format of Certification in favour of Pensioners

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Governor is pleased to accord the issuance of the Uniform Format of Certification to the pensioners/ family pensioners by the Head of Office/ Drawing and Disbursing Authority at the time of superannuation/ death in harness.

Revision of Pension/ Family Pension of (Pre-01.01.2016) Pensioners

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Clarification in respect of cases of Revision of Pension/ Family Pension of Pre-01.01.2016 Pensioners/ Family Pensioner, where pay structure has been upgraded subsequent to retirement/ death of Ex-Govt. Employee.

Age Proof Certificate for Payment of Additional Quantum of Family Pension

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Age proof certificate for payment of additional quantum of family pension on attaining 80 years of age in terms of F.D. Memo. No. 200-F(Pen) dated 25.02.2009 and F.D. Memo. No. 201-F(Pen) Dated 25.02.2009.

Family Pension cases to be routed/ sent through proper channel


Governor is pleased to inform all Head of Offices to refer the files of family pension cases to the concerned Administrative Department for proper verification & re-examination of the documents as per extant norms, provisions, and format.

Proforma/ Forms for Approval of Family Pension under WBS(DCRB) Rules


To avoid redundant delay and smooth disposal of family pension cases, a list of documents along with proforma required for the approval of family pension is enclosed herewith for the interest of public service.

Disbursement of Pension/ Family pension through Private Banks

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Private Sector banks are hereby included in the list of authorised banks to disburse Government Pensions and Family Pensions in KMC area and also to disburse Government as well as Non-Government Pension drawn by Treasuries and PD Cell.

Withdrawal of Pension using ATM/ Debit Card/ Net Banking

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Pensioners and Family Pensioners will be able to draw their pensions from the respective pension disbursing banks by using the facilities of ATM/ Debit Card or through Net Banking portal of the bank.

Ceiling on two Family Pensions admissible to Children of deceased Govt Employee

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The existing maximum limit at the enhanced rate of Rs. 12,747/- per month introduced with effect from 01.04.2008 be raised to Rs. 32,760/- only per month.

Raising of Income Ceiling for Entitlement of Family Pension

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Governor has been pleased to raise the Income Ceiling of mother/ father and unmarried/ widowed/ divorced daughter for entitlement of family pension to Rs. 9000/- only per month.
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