Allotment and Boardership in the Working Women’s Hostels


1. The Hostels are meant for the working women who have no residence in the city of Kolkata. No non working women will be eligible for admission. Any women employed either in Central Govt./ State Govt./ Public Sector Undertaking/ Private Ltd. Company & earning not less than Rs. 5000/- per month duly certified by her employer will be treated as a working woman.

2. Any working woman seeking admission will have to submit application in prescribed form stating the required particulars with two certificates one from her employer and one from a M.L.A./ Gazetted officer/ District Magistrate/ Superintendent of Police & Other/ Doctors/ Lawyers/ Headmaster etc. who knows her for the last 5 years.

3. (a) A declaration in the format provided by the Housing Department verified and authenticated by the concerned employer has to be submitted By the boarder prior admission.

(b) A physician’s certificate certifying that the applicant/ boarder is physically fit and mentally alert must be submitted to Housing Department prior admission.

4. No boarder will be allowed to stay at Hostel alter attaining 60 (sixty) years of age. Order of allotment will automatically be terminated upon (a) death of the boarder, (b) Attaining 60 years of age, (c) retirement from service, (d) non – payment of rent or bed, charges for over two months, (e) lunacy and (f) discontinuance of stay for over a fortnight without prior written permission.

5. Change of office, if any, of any boarder must be communicated to the Housing Department/ concerned Superintendent in writing. In case of change of Employer, the Employer’s certificate has to be submitted afresh.

6. Visitors shall be received in Visitors’ Room of the Hostel and Visiting Hours shall be as follows:

WEEKDAYS: 7 A.M to 9 A.M/ 6 P.M. to 7 P.M.
SUNDAYS/ HOLIDAYS: 7 A.M to 9 A.M /6 P.M to 8 P.M.

  • Only female visitors may be allowed to enter in the boarder’s room during visiting hours as mentioned in Sl. No. 6 above.
  • No visitor shall be allowed to stay overnight at the Hostel under any circumstances.
  • Visitors shall sign their names with address, purpose of visit & time at the Visitors’ Register.

7. No boarder will ordinarily be allowed to stay outside the Hostel premises beyond 10 P.M. If any boarder requires to stay outside the Hostel beyond 10 P.M. or more or leaves the Hostel for a few days, necessary permission (in writing) should be obtained from the Superintendent. Those boarders who have to attend night duty will have to submit a certificate from her Employer to the Superintendent.

8. Indulgence to any unlawful activities (teasing co-boarders, theft, creating any nuisance etc.) Hostel Premises is strictly forbidden.

9. No boarder will assign or sublet any part of the Hostel or allow her family members to live with her in the allotted room.

10. Accommodation of the Hostel is meant only for residential purpose. No boarder shall be allowed to use any part of the Hostel premises for organising commercial activity, meeting or for any subversive activities.

11. Violation of any section of this Guideline attract termination of allotment order without any notice as well as legal action.

Sd/- O.S. Meena

No. 2019/1(6)-H6/3F-11/2017 Dt. 25.11.2019

Copy for information to:

  1. The Chief Engineer, Housing Directorate.
  2. Estate Manager, Estate Directorate.
  3. O.S.D. to HMOS(IC), Housing Department.
  4. The Superintendent with request to display a copy of this in the Hostel for information of all concerned.
  5. Computer Cell for uploading in Department’s website
  6. Allotment Branch, Housing Department.

Sd/- Commissioner
Housing Department
Government of West Bengal

No. 2019-H6 dated 25.11.2019, Source

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