Annual Working Plan for Class XI and XII for Session, 2019-2020

Submission of Registration Forms along with fees and Class XI Annual Examination Fees by the Institutions to the Council. – 1st phase: 13.08.2019 to 26.08.2019. 2nd phase: 11.09.2019 to 17.09.2019.


Memo No: D.S (Exam)/24/2019 Date: 14.06.2019

To: The Head of All Institutions

Subject: Annual Working Plan 2019-20 Session


The Working plan of 2019-20 session is given below for your ready reference.

Sl No Description: Class XI Date*
1 Issue of
1. Registration Forms from the Council
18.07.2019 onwards
2. Blank Teacher Data Sheets & Institution contact form. Available in the website
2 Submission of
Registration Forms along with fees and Class XI Annual Examination Fees by the Institutions to the Council.
[Annual Examination fees to be submitted also for those who has registered before but not yet passed and want to appear in Annual Examination 2020 as per Admission Regulation 8(1)].
Filled-in Teacher Data Sheets & Institution contact form.
1st phase:
13.08.2019 to 26.08.2019
2nd phase:
11.09.2019 to 17.09.2019
3 Issue of the Registration Check List (Class XI) from the Council. 06.11.2019 Camp
4 Submission of corrected Check List by the Institution to the Council. Within 13.12.2019
5 Distribution of Registration certificate (2019-20) & Distribution of Practical Question Papers for Annual Examination of Class XI. 06.03.2020 Camp
6 Annual Examination Class XI (Theory). 12.03.2020 to 27.03.2020
7 Annual Examination Class XI (Practical). 06.04.2020 to 21.04.2020
8 Publication of Results of Cl ass XI Annual Examination by the Institutions. Within 30.04.2020
9 Submission of Result sheets of Class XI Annual Examination to the Council. Within 11.05.2020
10 Commencement of classes of Class XII. 1st week of May,2020
Sl No Description: Class XII Date*
1 Distribution of
Enrolment Form & Project Marks Foil for Regular, Continuing and Special candidates of H.S Examination, 2020.
Question papers of Practical Examination of H.S Examination, 2020 and other related documents
06.11.2019 Camp
2 Submission of
Filled in Enrolment Form [for Regular, Continuing & Special candidates] of H.S Examination, 2020. [New Syllabus ]
Project Marks Foil for Regular Candidates of H.S Examination, 2020.
Without Late Fine: 09.12.2019 to 13.12.2019
With Late Fine: 06.01.2020 to 10.01.2020
3 Date Schedule of H.S Examination, 2020 [Practical] including Hill Area


  • including Vocational subjects.
  • Other than Music, Visual Arts, Health & Physical Education.

[New Syllabus ]

Within the period December 02, 2019 to December 24, 2019
4 Date Schedule of H.S Examination, 2020 [Practical] of Music, Visual Arts and Health & Physical Education [Including Hill Area]. December 16, 2019 to December 24, 2019
5 Submission of Practical Answer scripts, Marks Foil of the H.S candidates of 2020 [Including Hill Area] Within 10.01.2020
6 Issuance of Admit Card of H.S Examination, 2020. 06.03.2020 Camp
7 Higher Secondary Examination 2020 [New Syllabus]. 12.03.2020 to 27.03.2020
8 Submission of Project Note Books of Non-Lab subjects at designated collection centres. 06.04.2020 & 07.04.2020
9 Publication of H.S Examination results. Within June 10,2020
10 Post Publication Scrutiny/ Post Publication Review [online only]. Online submission of PPS/ PPR by the candidates/institutions within 15 days from the date of publication of Result

Your co-operation is solicited.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Deputy Secretary (Examination)
WB Council of HS Education

*The Council may, if necessary, change the above Date(s) with due intimation to all concerned.

No. DS(Exam)/24 dated 14.06.2019, Source

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