Attendance of Teaching and Non-Teaching Employees

School Education Department
West Bengal Board of Secondary Education

No. S/879 dated 10.11.1989

Sub: Appointed Hour, Commencement of class teaching, Daily Assembly and Late Attendance of Staff in Schools.

In suppression of all previous circulars on the above points the Heads of Institutions are requested to be guided by the following instructions of the Board.

Head of an Institution and all members of the staff, teaching and non-teaching should attend School at the appointed hour and shall not leave before the School closes for the day.

The appointed hour of a School shall start at 10 (ten) minutes before class teaching. Attendance at Daily Assembly shall be compulsory for all teaching and non-teaching staff including the Head of the Institution.

Late attendance shall be counted from the start of class teaching (i.e. 15 minutes after appointed hour) up to half an hour from it and no staff will be allowed to record his or her attendance after half an hour from the start of Class Teaching.

Head of an Institution may condone such late attendance if he or she is satisfied with the explanation offered by the staff concerned.

One day’s Casual Leave will be deducted for every 3 (three) day’s late attendance in a calendar month. In case the casual leave account of a staff is exhausted and the incumbent concerned comes late he/ she shall be asked to apply for one day’s “Half Average Pay” leave for each three day’s late attendance in a calendar month. If he/ she fails or decline to apply for such leave or if there is no such leave to his/ her credit then he/ she will be granted ‘Leave without Pay’ – one days leave for each 3 (three) days late attendance in a calendar month.

Sd/- Sudin Chattopadhayay
Secretary, School Education Department

No. S/879 dated 10.11.1989

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