For ensuring punctuality in attendance and prompt disposal of work by the staffs of State Govt/ local Self-Govt Institutions/ Autonomous Bodies/ Corporations/ Undertakings etc.

No Leave during Pen-Down Strike from 22.05.2023

Finance, ,

As pen-down strike affects the smooth functioning of the offices and delivery of public services and is therefore against larger public interest, any employee found not discharging his/her duties in the offices, shall be liable for action as per rules.

Punctuality in Attendance in Government Office – Tiffin Break


Tiffin break between 1.30 P.M. and 2.00 P.M. is meant only for tiffin purpose and for no other purpose.

New Attendance Rules in Govt. Offices of West Bengal

Finance, ,

The attendance of officers and staff upto the level of Deputy Secretary will be staggered – one, from 09.30 A.M. to 02.30 P.M. and the other, from 12.30 P.M. to 05.30 P.M. Roster may be prepared accordingly.

Biometric Attendance System (for Gr. B, C & D) under Health


It has been decided to extend the provisions of the Biometric System of recording attendance of the employees upto the level of Group D in all the Medical College & Hospitals and the District Hospitals in Phase II very shortly.

Appointed Hour, Commencement of Class Teaching, Daily Assembly, Late Attendance and Hour of Absence

School Education,

Late attendance shall be counted from the start of class teaching (i.e. 15 minutes after appointed hour) and up to half an hour from appointed hour and no staff will be allowed to record his or her attendance after half an hour from the appointed hour (i.e. 11.05 A.M.)

Submission of Attendance Report of West Bengal Govt Employee


The concerned designated officer/ officers shall submit daily attendance report to the Addl. Chief Secretary/ Principal Secretary/ Secretary in the Secretariat Department concerned.

Biometric Attendance System at Medical Colleges & Hospitals


Bio Metric system of attendance with a view to record and monitor of regular attendance of members of officers in a systematic manner through a automated computerized system based on finger print scanning.

Attendance of Teaching and Non-Teaching Employees

School Education,

Head of an Institution and all members of the staff, teaching and non-teaching should attend School at the appointed hour and shall not leave before the School closes for the day.

Punctuality in Attendance and Prompt Disposal of Work


Staffs/ Officers may be allowed to sign the Attendance Register and record attendance upto and within 45 minutes of the scheduled time of attendance in the morning.