Clarification regarding LTC and HTC Rules


Finance [Audit] Department, 10th floor
Mandirtala, Howrah – 711 102

No. 4237-F(P) Dated, Howrah the 10th August, 2016


Sub: Further clarification of certain points in respect of Memo No. 7370-F(P), dated 09.10.2015 and No. 427-F(P2) dated 25.01.2016 regarding LTC & HTC for State Govt. employees.

In terms of order No. 427-F(P2) dated 25.01.2016 it has been clarified that the ‘nearest international airport of the country’ as envisaged in Memo. No. 7370-F(P) dated 09.10.2015 means ‘such airport of the country nearest to the country of visit and not the same nearest to the employee’s headquarter/ place of posting’. As this causes immense inconvenience to the employees desiring to visit neighbouring foreign countries by availing L.T.C. facility, the matter has been reviewed.

Now in cancellation of order No. 427-F(P2) dated 25.01.2016 the undersigned is directed by order of the Governor to say that a Govt. employee shall undertake such journey from the international airport in India nearest to his/ her headquarter /place of posting in economy class by National carrier or Private carrier of the country having direct flight to the country of visit and in the absence of which by a foreign carrier having direct flight to the country of visit.

The undersigned is further directed to clarify certain other questions as now being surfaced as follows:

Questions Answers
1.For availing LTC facility to foreign country whether journey by train or journey by bus, where possible, can be undertaken in lieu of air-journey.1.The reply is in the affirmative provided the claim will be as per the provisions as laid down in Finance Department Memo. No. 9924-F dated 07.12.2005 and No. 607-F dated 20.01.2006.
2.Whether Hotel rent/ other expenses can be claimed.2.The reply is in the negative
3.Whether airfare clubbed/ combined in any form with Hotel or any of service can be claimed.3.The reply is in the negative. Only the to and fro air-fare is admissible.
4.Whether the facility of HTC and or LTC can be availed just after joining Govt. Service.4.The facility can be availed on completion of 3 years of regular service or after confirmation in service, whichever is earlier.
5.Whether both HTC and LTC can be availed in the same year.5.The reply is in the affirmative. But the benefit cannot be availed of jointly or in combination.
6.Whether a Govt, employee, who has already availed HTC or LTC as per old system (within 5 years prior to retirement) is entitled to further LTC under the new system.6.The reply is in the negative.
7.The date from which the block of 5 years in the case of HTC and 10 years in case of LTC will be counted.7.In the case of HTC block of 5 years are from 01.11.2015 to 31.10.2020, from 01.11.2020 to 31.10.2025 etc., and in the case of LTC blocks of 10 years are from 01.11.2015 to 31.10.2025, from 01.11.2025 to 31.10.2035. etc.
8.Whether a Govt, employee, who has already availed HTC or LTC prior to 01.11.2015 as spouse with her husband or his wife, who is also a Govt, employee, as per earlier system, is further entitled to HTC or LTC under new system commencing from 01.11.2015.8.Such an employee may further avail HTC or LTC in the respective second) block onwards.
9.In which TR Form HTC/ LTC bill shall be claimed by the DDO.9.TR Form No.21 (both advance and final bill).
10.Whether original ticket shall have to be produced at the time of submission of claim of advance/ final bill.10.At the time of taking advance statement of expenditure will have to be produced and original ticket(s) duly signed by the employee will have to be produced with final bill.
11.Whether any ticket cancellation charge is admissible.11.Ticket cancellation charge is admissible with the approval of the controlling authority only when journey is cancelled in the interest of public service or for any unforeseen natural calamity.

Sd/- H. K. Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 4237-F dated 10.08.2016, Source