Leave Travel Concession Rule for West Bengal Govt. Employees


No. 7370-F(P) Dated: 09.10.2015


At present the State Government employees may avail themselves of the benefit of Leave Travel Concession once in service career during the period of five years preceding the actual date of retirement on superannuation for the following kinds of journeys, subject to the conditions as in this department’s Memo Nos. 9924-F dt. 07.12.2005 and 607-F dt. 20.01.2006.

  1. For journeys to respective home town and back, provided the home town is different from the place of posting; and
  2. For journeys to any place of India and back.

The employees who have been duly permitted to retire voluntarily are also allowed to avail of the above benefit before their such retirement.

The present provisions of admissibility of Leave Travel Concession have been under consideration for review for sometime past.

Now, after careful consideration of the matter, the Governor has been pleased to decide in partial modification of this department Memo. No. 9924-F dt. 07.12.2005 read with Memo. No. 607-F dt. 20.01.2006 to allow the following benefits to the State Government employees instead of journeys on LTC as mentioned at (2) above.

(a) One Home Travel Concession once in every five years to visit any place within the State;

(b) One LTC once in ten years to visit any place in the neighbouring countries, namely, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives or within the Country.

Conditions for admissibility of the same in case the spouse of the Government employee is also employed will be as follows:-

(i) If the spouse of the Government employee is also a State Government employee, the as benefit can be availed of either by husband or wife a one family unit and in that case undertaking shall be submitted by the other that no such claim will be preferred from his/her office and this should be recorded in his/her Service Book.

(ii) If the spouse of the State Government employee is employed in Central/Central PSUs/Corporation/Autonomous Body, the benefit can be availed of either by the husband or wife employed under the State Government as one family unit from the State Government provided no benefit of LTC can be availed of by the other from the Central/Central PSUs/Corporation/Autonomous Body and in that case letter from the employer there in this respect that he/she has given such undertaking there shall be produced before availing of the above benefit.

(iii) If the spouse of the State Government employee is employed in the State PSUs/Corporations/Non-Government aided Institutions/Autonomous Body where facility of LTC does not exist, the spouse of the Government employee may avail of this benefit along with the Government employee as a member of the family on the condition that declaration to his/her controlling Authority shall be furnished that in future he/she will not enjoy the benefit of LTC, if the same is extended in the organization/institution as above in future.

Other conditions regarding admissibility of the benefit will be as in Finance Department Nos. 9924-F dt. 07.12.2005 and 607-F dt. 20.01.2006. For the purpose of availing of LTC in foreign countries as mentioned at Sl. No. (b) above, the same can be availed of by air in economy class from the nearest international airport of the country on the condition that journeys will have to be performed either by national carrier or private airlines of the country. The part of the journeys to and from the airport will be as per provision in the existing orders.

For journeys in the foreign countries as mentioned above orders issued by the P&AR Department are also to be followed.

This will take effect from 01.11.2015.

Sd/- H. K. Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 7370-F dated 09.10.2015, Source

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