Contractual Engagement of Retired Person – Extension of Terms

Finance. .


No. 4941-F(P) Date: 19.09.2014


In this Department’s Memo No. 10935-F(P), dt. 5.12.2011, decision was taken to fill up vacancies in different categories and at different levels from retired employees on contract basis on consolidated remuneration as detailed therein for a period of one year. Subsequently their terms for such engagement were extended twice, firstly for a period of one year in terms of Memo No. 1866-F(P), dt. 4.3.2013 and then for a period of three months under Memo No. 2192-F(P), dt. 21.4.2014 due to non-filling up of vacancies on regular basis.

Now, considering the need at the district level the undersigned is directed to say that the Governor has been pleased to accord approval to the further extension of such contractual engagement from the retired employees covered under the said Memos for another period of one year on the existing terms and conditions.

The retired employees who attained the age of 64 years on the scheduled date of joining will not be engaged as such in terms of Finance Department Memo. No. 115-F(P), dt. 4.01.2012.

Sd/- A. K. Das
O.S.D. & E.O. Joint Secretary

No. 4941-F dated 19.09.2014, Source

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