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If a Government employee with expert qualifications or experiences be considered indispensable for any post, he may be re-employed for such time as may be necessary to find/train up a suitable substitute.

Remuneration of Re-Employed Pensioner as per ROPA, 2019

Published in Finance

Basic Pay (Band Pay + Gr. Pay) last drawn by him on the date of superannuation will be revised notionally w.e.f. 01.01.2020 under Rule 7 of WBS (ROPA) Rules, 2019 as if he were in service on 01.01.2020.

Re-Employment of Part Time Teachers/ Guest Lecturers

Published in Higher Education

The existing superannuated full time teachers serving as a) Part Time Teachers b) Guest Lecturers c) Part Time Teachers may be engaged in the concerned colleges on term basis for one year.

Prior Approval from Finance is mandated before Re-Employment

Published in Finance, PAR

All the Departments are requested to forward the re-employment cases to Finance Department prior to issue of re-employment order after due observance of guidelines.

Re-Employment of University Teachers upon Superannuation

Published in Higher Education

Governor is pleased to direct that the Order contained in no. 2883-Edn dated 15/16 November, 1979, shall be kept in abeyance with immediate effect and until further orders.

Engagement of Retired Employees on Contractual Basis

Published in Finance

A retired employee may be engaged on contractual basis beyond 64 years of age provided such engagement shall not exceed 65 years of age under any circumstances.

Interim Relief to Pensioners – Clarification

Published in Finance

Re-employment remuneration shall continue to be fixed as per the procedure laid down in F.D. Memo No. 3951-F dated 27.05.2009 without any deduction on account of IR.

Interim Relief to Re-Employed/ Contractual Pensioner

Published in Finance

Fixation of remuneration for re-employed and contractually engaged State Government Pensioners/ Family Pensioners in view of grant of Interim Relief.

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