Transport Department operates from the State Administrative Buildings, i.e. Writers’ Buildings. The Kolkata RTO office is known as Public Vehicles Department.

Transport Department

Reciprocal Transport Agreement between West Bengal and Sikkim


Governor is pleased hereby to finally publish the Reciprocal Transport Agreement between the States of West Bengal and Sikkim, 2022 in accordance with sub-sections (5) and (6) of Section 88 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 in supersession of all previous such agreements.

Online Queue Management System for Seamless Movement of Vehicles upto International Border Checkpost

Information Technology and Electronics, Transport,

Government of West Bengal to introduce an Online Queue Management System for seamless movement of vehicles upto International Border Checkposts through the proposed Online Queue Management system.

Stipulated Time Limit for rendering Services by Transport Department


Governor is pleased to notify the following services, stipulated time limit for rendering the services, and particulars of each of the Designated Officers, Appellate Authority and Reviewing Authority, responsible for providing the services as shown in the table below:

Revised Rate of Parking Charges for Goods and Passenger Vehicles


Parking Charges for all types of trucks, trailers, containers, chassis and other goods vehicles – Amount chargeable for first 4 days – Rs. 100 per day or part thereof.

Rate of Parking Charges for Goods and Passenger Vehicles


Fees for parking will be charged as appended in the table below: Amount chargeable for 24 hours of parking or part thereof (rupees). – All types of trucks – Rs. 200

Easy Movement of Goods and Passenger Vehicles at Bordering Areas


No parking area can be used on commercial basis on any land within 15 (fifteen) kilometers from the zero point of International Border without prior permission of Transport Department.

Penal Measures for Violation of Motor Vehicle Rules in West Bengal


Governor is pleased to hereby direct that any offence punishable under Section 177, 178(3), 179(1), 179(2), 180, 181, 182(1), 182A(1), 182A(4), 182B, 183/1, 184, 186, 189, 190(2), 192, 192A, 194(1), 194(1A), 194(2), 194A, 194B, 194C, 194D, 194E, 194F, 196 and 198 may, either before or after the institution of the prosecution, be compounded by officers at the rates specified in respect.

Physical Inspection of Commercial Vehicles for Certificate of Fitness


A commercial vehicle registered in the State of West Bengal may be produced before any RA within the State for fitness checking and will be issued Certificate of Fitness by the said RA.

Acceptance of Transport Documents through DigiLocker / mParivahan

Transport, ,

The documents produced before the law enforcing authorities via DigiLocker platform or mParivahan App shall be deemed to be legally recognized at par with the original/ physical documents.

Penalty for Overloading of Goods Vehicles in West Bengal


Government has decided to show zero tolerance to the menace of overloading of goods vehicles in the State and to impose enhanced penalty on the offenders in terms of the existing legal provisions.
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