Deposit of State Govt. Tax through Government Receipt Portal

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 3697-F(Y) Dated, 15th July, 2014.


Online payment of State Government Tax and Non Tax Revenue through Government Receipt Portal-GRIPS has already been introduced vide F.D. Notification No. 8298-F(Y) dated 3rd October 2012. Twenty Banks are now attached with the GRIPS. State Government Tax and Non-Tax Revenue can be deposited through GRIPS in any one of the following three modes.

i. Internet Banking
ii. Debit card.
iii. Over the Counter [OTC] Payment through GRIPS generated Challan.

Electronic Deposit of State Government revenue collected by the Directorate of Commercial Taxes and the Directorate of Excise has already been made mandatory through GRIPS.

Government of India has introduced NEFT/ RTGS system of payment. Under this system the payment is credited directly in the Bank account of the Payee by their Pay and Accounts offices. In order to bring uniformity in deposit of the State Government revenue especially Profession Tax collected under “West Bengal State Tax on Profession, Traders, Callings and Employment Act 1979” (hereinafter mentioned as ‘the said Act’) by the Pay & Accounts Offices of GOI the following procedure has now been decided for deposit of the said state revenue through NEFT/RTGS e-Payment mode:-

1. The Pay & Accounts Officers of Government of India Offices will deposit the Profession Tax collected under the said Act by deduction from the pay and allowances of their own employees will be deposited through the Challan generated from the GRIPS Portal [] of the Government of West Bengal.

2. The Challan so generated by the PAO/DDO through GRIPS will have the following details:

(i) PAO/DDO registration number of P. Tax authorities of the Govt of West Bengal,
(ii) Head of Accounts [‘0028-00-107-001-03- P. Tax’],
(iii) Name & Particulars of the Depositors.

3. Government of West Bengal has opened a Pooling Account No. 33895823191 in the name of “GOVT. OF WEST BENGAL FOR E-PAYMENT” in the State Bank of India, Main Branch Kolkata “IFSC Code No. SBIN0000001” e-mail id for the purpose of deposit of the profession tax by the Government of India offices through their NEFT/RTGS e-Payment mode.

4. The DDO/PAO of the Central Government Office shall generate DDO-wise Challan through GRIPS and send the .pdf copy of Challan to the e-mail address of SBI. In NEFT/RTGS payment mandate the PAO/DDO must mention the ‘GRN’ [Government Receipt Number] of the GRIPS Generated Challan.

5. SBI shall transfer the money so received at the Pooling Account from GOI offices through NEFT/RTGS mode within T+2 days to the State Government Account in GRIPS in the same manner like ‘counter payment’ against each GRN and report to RBI under existing system. The code for ‘Mode of Payment’ for such NEFT/ RTGS deposits by GOI offices shall be identified as ‘3’ (Net Banking ‘1’/ Over the Counter ‘2’).

Sd/- H.K. Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 3697-F dated 15.07.2014, Source

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