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Finance Department, Government of West Bengal introduced on-line receipt of Tax and Non-Tax revenue through Government Receipt Portal System or GRIPS Portal.

Modalities of Receipt of Funds into Deposit Accounts through GRIPS


Modalities of receipt of funds into deposit accounts maintained at various treasuries/ PAO’s through GRIPS using inter-treasury transfer of fund mechanism

Introduction of Government Receipt Portal System (GRIPS) 2.0


Considering the substantial expansion in the scope and ambit of online collection of receipts through GRIPS, the government for some time past has been contemplating to upgrade the existing GRIPS to provide additional facilities.

Online Payment of Motor Vehicle Taxes and Fees – Conditions


Online application with e-payment of fees and taxes for registration of motor vehicles by the dealers – Applicable for Non-transport vehicles like cars and two wheelers only.

Online Payment of Motor Vehicle Taxes on GRIPS


Transport Department has made substantial progress in the rolling out of e-Vahan along with integration of the same with e-payment of Motor Vehicle Taxes, etc. on the GRIPS platform.

List of Participating Banks in GRIPS on IFMS Platform


List of Participating Banks to accept payments of Government Revenues and Deposits – both online and off-line (Over the Counter) through GRIPS.

GRIPS in IFMS and Integration with e-Kuber Portal of RBI


Revised procedure of reporting and accounting of GRIPS transactions on incorporation of GRIPS in IFMS and integration with e-Kuber Portal of the Reserve Bank of India.

Rolling out of New GRIPS into IFMS Portal


GRIPS is being integrated with IFMS and is going to be rolled out as a Module of Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) on and from 31st October, 2016.

West Bengal Motor Transport Workers Welfare Cess


Withdrawal Procedure of the fund from head (8443-00-116-002-07) for payment to the Labour Department/ Transport Workers’ Welfare Board of the State Government.

Issue of e-Receipts through e-Vahan and e-Sarathi


To allow issuance of system-generated e-receipts through web based applications e-Vahan and e-Sarathi only against payments made at any motor vehicles office.

Refund of Tax/ Non-Tax Revenue incl. EMD/ SD Money


In respect of EMD/SD money, refund will be drawn on sanction of respective Departmental Officer in whose favour amount has been deposited through GRIPS portal.