Digitization of T.R. Form Nos. 7A, 12A, 24, 50, 68B

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 6229-F(Y) Dated, 18th August, 2015


E-billing committee constituted by the state Government to examine and review the existing TR forms to make them amenable to digitization in order to facilitate their incorporation in e-pradan and e-billing modules of IFMS has recommended some changes in some of the forms and introduction of some new forms. The Government has decided to accept the recommendation.

Therefore, in exercise of the power conferred by clause (2) of Article 283 of Constitution of India, the Governor is pleased to replace the existing TR forms as mentioned under column B in the table below with the new TR forms mentioned under column C of the table for drawal of fund related to the expenditure mentioned under column D of the table. Form nos. 24, 50 and 12A are modified versions of the forms which were notified for e-pradan and e-billing modules of IFMS, vide notification no. 965-F(Y) dt. 18.2.15 and have already been incorporated in the e-billing module of IFMS. Form 68B was last notified vide no. 2400-F(Y) dt. 17.3.15. In most of the cases the format has been changed without changing TR form no. New forms have been given new TR form no. All these revised and new forms are given in the Annexure of this order.

Sl No.T.R Form No. under WBTR, 2005T.R Form No. as per e-BillingDescriptionRemarks
12424Medical charges Reimbursement BillForm modified
15050Bill for withdrawal of (a) Commuted Value of Pension, (b) Provisional Pension and/or Provisional Gratuity, (c) Final Payment of Gratuity, (d) Death Gratuity, (e) Final Payment of General Provident Fund, (f) Refundable Advance from General Provident Fund, (g) Non-Refundable Advance* from General Provident Fund, (h) Cash Equivalent to Leave Salary.Form modified
268B68BMedical charges under Medical Cashless SchemeForm modified
1.7AChallan for transfer creditNew
212A12ASchedule of Sales Tax deducted at source from claim of BeneficiaryForm modified

This order issues in continuation of FD notification no. 965-F(Y) dt. 18.2.15 and no. 2400-F(Y) dt. 17.3.15.

By order of the Governor

Sd/- H.K. Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 6229-F dated 18.08.2015, Source

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