Executive Body of Tamang Development and Cultural Board

Published in BCWD, Tribal Development.

Update: No. 96-TDD dated 01.09.2014

Government of West Bengal
Tribal Development Department
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Sector-II, Salt Lake City, Kolkata- 700091
Website: www.anagrasarkalyan.gov.in/www.bcwdwb.gov.in

No. STDD-52/14/6S-80/13(Pt.-I) Kolkata, the 16th July, 2014


The ‘Tamang Development and Cultural Board’ was constituted vide resolution No. 33-TDD/6S-80/13(Pt.-1) dated the 27th June, 2014 duly published in the Kolkata Gazette on 16th July, 2014.

Now, in terms of Section 4(a) of the said resolution, the Governor is hereby pleased to nominate the followings members to the Executive Body:-

Sl Name Portfolio
1 Sanjay Moktan Chairperson
2 Government Official Member- Secretary
3 Punit Yadav, I.A.S., District Magistrate, Darjeeling Ex-officio Member
4 Bishnu Tamang Member
5 Hemant Ghising Member
6 Prem Moktan Member
7 Kabita Tamang Member
8 Arun Kr. Zimba Member
9 Ganga Raj Tamang Member
10 Biren Bomzan Member

The term of office in respect of Chairperson and other non-official members is for a period of five years from the date of notification and shall automatically expire on completion of five years.

Principal Secretary to the
Govt. of West Bengal

No. STDD-52 dated 16.07.2014, Source