Fixation of Post Graduate Trainee Reserve Strength of Doctors

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Memo. No. HF/O/MA/216/4P-01/17/PT-I Dated, Kolkata the 06th March, 2018


The matter of fixation of annual Trainee Reserve strength in the Department of Health and Family Welfare for WBHS, WBPHAS, WBMES, Dental Service and Dental Education Service was under consideration of the Government for some time past.

  1. In view of the above, after careful consideration, the Governor is pleased to pass an order for fixation of permissible limit of Post Graduate T.R. every year/ academic session for the officers of above mentioned services, in supersession of all previous order/s in this regard.
  2. Henceforth, strength of Trainee Reserve will be fixed as 10% of existing strength (not sanctioned strength) as on 31st December of previous year. Therefore, for any session/ year T.R. will be allowed in order of merit, to 10% of existing strength as on 31st December of previous year.
  3. Sponsorship certificate for appearing at PG counselling will be issued to specific number of candidates in order of merit. Initially, only temporary NOC will be issued to the NEET qualified candidates to appear for counselling. Such temporary NOC shall in no way be an assurance to the candidate or the admitting College/ University that they are being placed as Trainee Reserves. After completion of counselling and offer of discipline, the candidates may be issued departmental sponsorship for such disciplines to be finally considered as Trainee Reserve. It is reiterated that Trainee Reserve may be denied due to administrative reasons in the interest of public service.
  4. Any candidate applying for T.R/ Study Leave/ Extra Ordinary Leave/ for second time, availed of such T.R/ Study Leave/ EOL previously, shall have to mandatorily obtain no objection, even while applying to appear in the qualifying examination through proper channel and appear for such examination only after having permission from appropriate authority.
  5. Admissibility of Extra Ordinary Leave for study purpose shall be dealt as individual cases as per administrative requirement under the guiding provisions of WBSR but not as trainee reserve.
  6. This has approval of Finance Department vide their UO No. Group P2/2017-2018/0927 dated 11/01/2018.

By order of the Governor,

Sd/- Sri Anil Verma, IAS
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. HF-216 dated 06.03.2018, Source