Foreign Tour Procedures for Govt./ Semi Govt. Employees

Foreign Tour Procedures to be followed in connection with private foreign visits of employees of State Government, Semi or Quasi-Government organization.

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No. 42-PAR(Trg)/HR/O/3T-11/2011 Dated: 02.02.2011.

Subject: Procedure to be followed in connection with private foreign visits of employees of State Government, Semi or Quasi-Government organization including employees of Statutory bodies, Undertakings, Corporations, Companies, Cooperative and Institutions etc.

The procedure for permitting Government servants to visit foreign countries in private capacity has been liberalized by Government of India and now the leave sanctioning authority grants the permission to the official concerned for private visits abroad.

In view of sharp increase in number of Government servants visiting foreign countries in private capacity, a need has been felt to liberalize the existing instructions of State Government in this regard.

Accordingly, in partial modification of the Order No. 466-PAR (Trg) HT/O/3T-112/97 dated July 18, 2003, following procedure would be adopted in case of private visits of Government servants to foreign countries:

(1) All categories of employees may be permitted to visit abroad in their private capacity, with the prior clearance of the authority competent to sanction their leave.

(2) The application shall be made to the competent authority in the attached proforma (Annexure – I) at least fifteen days before the commencement of such visit.

(3) The permission shall be granted by the leave sanctioning authority with a copy to the cadre controlling authority within seven days of receipt of such application. A standard format of permission is enclosed herewith (Annexure – II).

(4) In partial modification of Order No. 974-PAR(Vig.) dated Calcutta, July 25, 2000 of Home (P&AR) Department, Vigilance Clearance shall not be required for according permission to travel abroad in private capacity.

(5) For the purpose of clarification, private visit would mean the visits in which the entire expenditure is being borne by the officer concerned or his family members. The term ‘family’ means wife or husband, as the case may be, sons and daughters including adopted sons/daughters, mother and father.

Visits involving any kind of domestic/ foreign sponsorship or acceptance of foreign hospitality on boarding, lodging or any other component of the visit shall continue to be governed by the earlier order.

Sd/- Samar Ghosh
Chief Secretary, Government of West Bengal

No. 42-PAR dated 02.02.2011 with Annexure

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