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Know the rules and regulations to apply for an international passport. Being a Govt. employee these rules G.O.s must be followed while applying for passport. No Objection Certificate or Identity Certificate?

Foreign Tour Procedures for Govt./ Semi Govt. Employees

Published in PAR

Foreign Tour Procedures to be followed in connection with private foreign visits of employees of State Government, Semi or Quasi-Government organization.

Foreign Tour Procedures for Govt./ Semi Govt. Employees

Passport: Identity Certificate or NOC

Published in Home

Requirement of Identity Certificate (IC) or No Objection Certificate while Issuing of ordinary passport to the employees of the State Government, PSU’s etc.

Applying for International Passport

Published in Knowledge Base

Issuance of “Identification Certificate” for grant of Ordinary International Passport facilities to the officials and employees of the State Govt or semi Govt.

Applying for International Passport